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Boris Baltes Department Chair and Professor Industrial/Organzational Area

Full-time Faculty

Antonia Abbey Professor and Area Chair
Douglas Barnett Professor Director of Psychology Training Clinic
Marla Bartoi Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Marjorie Beeghly Associate Professor
Tim Bogg Assistant Professor
George Borszcz Associate Professor
Scott Bowen Associate Professor Area Chair, Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience
Margo Bowman Senior Lecturer
Shanique Brown Assistant Professor
Susanne Brummelte Assistant Professor
Annmarie Cano Professor Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Rita Casey Associate Professor
Jessica Damoiseaux Assistant Professor
Marcus Dickson Professor Coordinator of APORG; Coordinator of I/O MA program
Thomas Fischer Associate Professor
Sebastiano Fisicaro Associate Professor
Joseph Fitzgerald Professor
Marilyn Franklin Assistant Clinical Professor Licensed Psychologist
Emily Grekin Associate Professor Associate Chair/Graduate Director
John Hannigan Professor
Lars Johnson Assistant Professor
Lara Jones Associate Professor
Catalina Kopetz Assistant Professor
Sheldon Levy Professor
Peter Lichtenberg Professor Director of Institute of Gerontology and Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute
Mark Lumley Distinguished Professor Director of Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training
Noa Ofen Assistant Professor
Robert Partridge Associate Professor
Lisa Rapport Professor
Naftali Raz Professor
Sarah Raz Associate Professor
Valerie Simon Associate Professor
Patricia Siple Associate Professor
Richard Slatcher Associate Professor
Andrew Speer Assistant Professor
Stephanie Spielmann Assistant Professor
Paul Toro Professor
Christopher Trentacosta Associate Professor
Glenn Weisfeld Professor
R. Douglas Whitman Professor Dean of College of Education
John Woodard Professor of Psychology
Lee Wurm Professor
Samuele Zilioli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor - Department of Psychology Assistant Professor - Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences

Part-time Faculty

Reginald Shepps


Alia Allen Academic Service Officer II Graduate Programs
Corinne Forys Academic Advisor II
Frank Koscielski Ph. D ASO IV
Pamela Letkowski Program Specialist
Jacqueline Patterson Program Records Clerk Sr.
Ben Phillips Sr Grant/Contract Administrator
Shelly E. Seguin Academic Services Officer, IV
Solaf Shallal Academic Advisor III
Kristian Shauntee Office Service Clerk II

Ph.D. Student

Dana Anderson Clinical Neuropsychology Doctoral Candidate
Justin Aqwa Consultant in the Research Design and Analysis Unit
Derek Atchley Graduate Research Assistant
Laura Bierstedt Graduate Student
Nia Billings Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
Reed Bramble Doctoral Candidate Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Samantha Brindley Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Julia Briskin Graduate Student
Rebecca Campbell Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student Graduate Research Assistant
Isabel Cantarella Graduate Student
Shannon Clark Rumble Fellow Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
Angelia Corley Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology
Heather Doherty Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Emma Duerk Industrial-Organizational Psychology Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Jennifer Ellis Graduate Teaching Assistant
Marina Fodor Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Zachary Fragoso Doctoral Student
Hallie George Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Stefan Goetz Ph.D. Candidate Graduate Student
Jessica Goletz Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology
Amy E. Graham Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology; Dual Title Infant Mental Health Research Fellow, The Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute
Jeremy Grant Clinical Psychology PhD Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Evan Gross Clinical Neuropsychology Doctoral Candidate
Devin Hanson Doctoral Candidate
Michael Harvey Graduate Student
Hannah Holmes Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
Roya Homayouni
Jessica L. Irwin Doctoral Candidate
Bobbi Isaac Psychology Graduate Student Doctoral Candidate
Zunaira Jilani Social/Health Graduate Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Robert Kanser Graduate Student
Jennifer Kott Ph.D. Candidate
Shoshana Krohner Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Georgia Lamarre
Allyssa Mattes Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
M. Colleen McDaniel Graduate Teaching Assistant
Michelle Mullins Doctoral Student Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Kiel Opperman Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program
Bethany Pester Graduate Teaching Assistant Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
Laura Pineault Doctoral Student
Jami Pittman Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Caitlynn Reich Graduate Student
Patty Richardson Graduate Student Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Zenaida Rivera Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Kelsey Sala-Hamrick Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate Graduate Student Clinic Teaching Assisstant
Jessie Sanchez Doctoral Student Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Michael Schwendeman Graduate Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Nicholas Seivert Graduate Student Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Amber Sepsey Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Kraig Shattuck Graduate Student
Britta Shine
Wesley Starnes Graduate Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Davia Steinberg Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology Research Fellow at the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Children and Families
Cara Struble Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology Graduate Teaching Assistant
Lingfei Tang PhD Candidate MPSI Fellow
Andrew Tenbrink Graduate Student Teaching Assistant
Sabrina Thelen Graduate Student Teaching Assistant
Yi Tak (Daisy) Tsang Graduate Teaching Assistant Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
Chris Urbanik Graduate Student
Phuong Vo Doctoral Candidate
Chela Wallin Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Jolin B. Yamin Graduate Student
Qijing Yu Graduate Research Assistant