Valerie Simon

Valerie Simon


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71 E. Ferry
Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute


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Valerie Simon


  • Psychology
  • Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Children & Famiies




Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • One primary focus of our current research is youth exposure to interpersonal violence. Our research questions concern how and for whom violence exposure undermines psychosocial development during adolescence and emerging adulthood We use a multi-method approach that includes questionnaires, interviews, physiological, and virtual reality measures. Current projects focus on emergent romantic and sexual experiences as well as the use of virtual reality to index individual differences in adolescents' responses to challenging peer interactions.  
  •  Our research also examines adolescents' romantic and sexual development: We are interested in further elucidating the timing, sequencing, and quality of adolescents' experiences as well as factors the promote or undermine positive development in these key domains of development. Our measurement models include questionnaires as well as novel life history calendar approaches to better understand nuances in age typical and age atpyical experiences. 

Awards and grants

  • Current Grants

    • Assessing the Interpersonal Dynamics of Violence Exposure (NIH HD092956)
    • The Interpersonal Dynamics of Violence Exposure and Adolescents' Autonomic Regulation (NIH HD099700)


  •  Current Graduate Student Grants:

    • “Adolescents’ dissociative responses to age-normative social stress: links with violence exposure and mental health.” Awarded by the WSU Provost's Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health (SBDH) to Nicole Kouri, M.A.

Courses taught


  • PSY8390: Therapy Practicum
  • PSY8760: Advanced Clinical Seminar: Theory & Practice of Clinical Supervision


  • PSY3460: Adoescent Behavior & Deveopment