Joseph Fitzgerald

Joseph Fitzgerald



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Joseph Fitzgerald

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Life-Span Development Psychology

Memory and Well-Being across the Life-Span

Autobiographical Memory and the Development of the Self-Narrative



  • B.A. Psychology, SUNY at Buffalo, 1970
  • M.A. Life-Span Developmental Psychology, West Virginia University, 1972
  • Ph.D. Life-Span Developmental Psychology, West Virginia University, 1974

Selected publications


Fitzgerald, J. M. (2000). Autobiographical memory: Contexts for Aging and adulthood. (pp. 143-171) In T. Hess & F. Blanchard-Fields (Eds.) Social cognition in adulthood and aging. New York: Academic Press.

Fitzgerald, J. M. & Broadbridge, C. L. (2012). Lifespan developmental perspectives on autobiographical memory and narrative. (pp. 247-264). In Bernsten, D. & Rubin, D. C. (Ed.) Understanding autobiographical memory. NY, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Lhost-Catal, L., & Fitzgerald, J. M. (2004). Autobiographical memory in two older adults over a twenty-year retention Interval. Memory & Cognition, 32, 311-323.

Fitzgerald, J. M. (2010). Culture, Gender, and the First Memories of black and white American students. Memory & Cognition, 38(6), 784-795. doi:10.3758/MC.38.6.784

Fitzgerald, J. M. & Broadbridge, C. L. (2013) Latent Constructs of Autobiographical Memory Ratings: A Recollection-Belief Model of Memory Experience. Memory.2012.725-736.

Fitzgerald, J. M., Berntsen, D., & Broadbridge, C. L. (2015). An integrative model of the centrality of trauma memory and PTSD symptoms. Applied Cognitive Psychology.

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