Jenny Stidham

Jenny Stidham

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student



Jenny Stidham

 Jennifer is a doctoral student in the clinical psychology graduate program at Wayne State University. Prior to beginning the program, Jennifer worked as a research coordinator at a residential substance use treatment facility in Baltimore, MD where she worked on mostly opioid abuse studies that evaluated intervention and pervention, medication adherence, and excelerated detoxification techniques. She additionally has research experience with legally involved individuals and hopes to continue to incorporate that interest throughout graduate training. 

As a doctoral student, Jennifer will continue to research intervention and prevention methods for alcohol and opioid abuse as well as how treatment termination and patient outcomes effect the practicioners that serve them (i.e burnout). 



Research interest(s)/area of expertise

 Substance abuse



B.A - University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Courses taught by Jenny Stidham

Spring-Summer Term 2024 (current)

Spring-Summer Term 2023

Winter Term 2023

Fall Term 2022