Jessica (Hruschak) Elezi

Jessica (Hruschak) Elezi

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology

 5057 Woodward Ave., Room 7406




Jessica (Hruschak) Elezi

Jessica is a 4th-year Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology at Wayne State University with a minor in statistics and dual enrollment in the Infant Mental Health Dual-Title program.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  •  Psychophysiology (EEG/ERP)

  •  Emotion Regulation

  •  Parenting

  •  Early Childhood Development


Jessica's research interests include:

  1. the development of self-regulation in young children
  2. ways in which the parent-child relationship contributes to the development of emotion competence
  3. neural correlates of early behavior problems

Ultimately, she is interested in using knowledge about early development and parenting to promote health and resilience in at-risk children and families.


B.A. in Psychology, University of Michigan, 2015

Awards and grants

  •  2022-2023 Rumble Research Fellowship Recipient

  •  2022-2023 Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Grant (BHWET) Fellowship Recipient

Selected publications

Hruschak, J.L., Palopoli, A.C., Thomason, M.E., Trentacosta, C.J. (2022). Maternal-fetal attachment, parenting stress during infancy, and child outcomes at age three years. Infant Mental Health Journal, 43, 681– 694.

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Lawler, J.M., Hruschak, J., Aho, K., Liu, Y., Ip, K.I., Lajiness-O’Neill, R., Rosenblum, K.L., Muzik, M., & Fitzgerald, K. (2020). The error related negativity as a neuromarker of risk or resilience in young children. Brain and Behavior, 10(12).

McGinnis, E.W., Anderau, S.P., Hruschak, J., Lopez-Duran, N., Fitzgerald, K., Rosenblum, K.L., … & McGinnis, R.S. (2019). Giving voice to vulnerable children: Machine learning analysis of speech detects anxiety and depression in early childhood. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 23(6), 2294-2301. https://DOI:10.1109/JBHI.2019.2913590

Muzik, M., Morelen, D., Hruschak, J., Rosenblum, K. L., Bocknek, E., & Beeghly, M. (2017). Psychopathology and parenting: An examination of perceived and observed parenting in mothers with depression and PTSD. Journal of Affective Disorders, 207, 242–250.