Emily Grekin

Emily Grekin

Associate Professor
Associate Chair/Graduate Director


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 Rm.8206.2, 5057 Woodward Ave.

Curriculum Vitae

Emily Grekin

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Brief computerized interventions for alcohol use and whether common factors (e.g. empathy, humor, use of a narrator) make these interventions more effective.

    The relationship between disinhibited personality traits (impulsivity, risk-taking, antisociality) and substance use.

    The degree to which personality traits interact with environmental factors to predict substance misuse (e.g., do heavy drinking “events” such as turning 21 and going on spring break elicit different degrees of alcohol use in people with different personality traits).

    The development of substance use problems among African-American and Arab-American young adults


Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • 2003: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Emory University. 1999: M.A. in Psychology, Emory University. 1996: B.A. in Psychology, Carleton College.

Awards and Grants

  • Current Funding.

    NIAAA: 1R21AA023660-01A1 Period: 3/16-2/18
    • Role: PI
    • Grant Title: Optimizing e-interventions for Alcohol Use: Do Common Factors Apply?
    • Direct Costs: $262,000
    • Project Goal: Develop a maximally effective computer-delivered brief intervention (CDBI) for reducing heavy alcohol use.

    Past Funding.

    Alcohol Beverage Medical Research Foundation Period 1/10-1/12
    • Role: PI
    • Grant Title: Prospective Prediction of Alcohol Use among African American and Caucasian College Students
    • Direct Costs: $79,000
    • Project Goal: Examine prospective predictors of alcohol use and misuse among African-American and Caucasian college students

    NIDA: 1R21DA018975 -01A2 Period: 6/07-5/09
    • Role: Co-Investigator
    • Grant Title: The WIDUS: Indirect Screening for Perinatal Drug Use
    • Direct Costs: $227,002
    • Project Goal: Develop and validate the Wayne Indirect Drug Use Screener (WIDUS), an instrument used to predict drug use risk without relying on self-disclosure.

    Wayne State University Internal Research Grant Period: 5/07-5/08
    Psychotropic Drug Use Among Young Adults
    • Role: PI
    • Grant Title: Psychotropic Drug Use Among Young Adults
    • Total Budget: $10,000
    • Project Goal: Examine the degree to which antidepressants, mood stabilizers and anxiolytics are appropriately prescribed and monitored among young adults.

Selected Publications

Klassen, B.J. & Grekin, E.R. (2017). Different forms of spirituality and heavy episodic drinking among college students.  Journal of American College Health, 65, 131-138.

Loree, A.M., Ondersma, S.J. & Grekin, E.R. (2017). Towards enhancing treatment for pregnant smokers: Laying the groundwork for the use of complementary and alternative medicine approaches.  Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 19, 562-571. 

Laliberte, B.V, & Grekin, E.R. (2015). Direct and indirect relationships between factor 2 psychopathy, behavioral activation, positive alcohol expectancies, and alcohol use. Personality and Individual Differences, 87, 261-266.

Smith, K.Z., Smith, P.H. & Grekin, E.R. (2014). Childhood sexual abuse, distress, and alcohol-related problems: Moderation by drinking to cope. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 28, 532-537.

Klassen, B.J., Smith, K.Z. & Grekin, E.R. (2013). Differential relationships between religiosity, cigarette smoking, and waterpipe use: Implications for college student health, 381-385.

Ondersma, S.J., Svikis, D.S., LeBreton, J.M., Streiner, D.L. & Grekin, E.R. (2012). Development and preliminary validation of an indirect screener for drug use in the perinatal period. Addiction, 107, 2099-2106.

Grekin, E.R. (2012). Perceived racism and alcohol consequences among african-american and caucasian college students. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 26, 924-930.

Grekin, E.R. & Ayna, D. (2012). Waterpipe smoking among college students in the United States: A review of the literature. Journal of American College Health, 60, 244-249.

Goudriaan, A., Grekin, E.R. & Sher, K.J. (2011). Decision making and response inhibition as predictors of heavy alcohol use: a prospective study. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 35, 1050-1057.

Currently Teaching

  • Undergraduate:
    Psy 3350 (Personality Psychology)
    Psy 4993 (Field Study)

    Psy 7300 (Psychopathology)

Courses taught

Psy 3310 (Abnormal Psychology)
Psy 3350 (Personality Psychology)
Psy 4993 (Field Study)

Psy 7300 (Psychopathology)
Psy 7250 (Personality Theories)

Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, Wayne State University, 2015.