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Jeffrey Kentor Professor and Chair


Zachary W. Brewster Associate Professor
R. Khari Brown Associate Professor
Krista Brumley Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies
Heather Dillaway Professor of Sociology Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
David Fasenfest Associate Professor
Heidi Gottfried Associate Professor
Janet Hankin Professor
Michelle R Jacobs Assistant Professor
David Merolla Associate Professor Undergraduate Director
Shirin Montazer Assistant Professor
Sarah Swider Associate Professor Affiliated Faculty Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Nicole Trujillo-Pagan Associate Professor


John Girdwood Professor
Errol Liverpool Dr. Pastor
Timothy Morton


Leon Warshay


Hailey Dukes Office Services Clerk II
Michelle Matthews
Stacie Moser Academic Advisor II

Graduate Student

Salam Aboulhassan Graduate Teaching Assistant PhD Candidate
Belacqua Behnke
Charles Bell Ph.D. Candidate Ruth D. Peterson Fellow (American Society of Criminology)
Amanda Draft
Amanda Horn
Allison Jendry Graduate Teaching Assistant PhD Candidate
Jenny Lendrum PhD Candidate
Amanda Levitt
Heather Mooney PhD Candidate
Erin Moss Graduate Teaching Assistant Ph.D. Student
Michael Sabbagh PhD Candidate Graduate Teaching Assistant
Abberley Sorg
Megan St. George MA Student
Anabel Stoeckle PhD Candidate
Lindsay Toman Graduate Teaching Assistant Ph.D. Student, Albert Schweitzer Fellow
Randall Wyatt Graduate Teaching Assistant PhD Candidate
Nariman Zarzour