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Matthew J. Allen Chair and Professor

Full-time Faculty

Young Hoon Ahn Assistant Professor
Maryfran Barber Senior Lecturer
Ashok S. Bhagwat Professor
Stephanie L. Brock Professor Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Jin K. Cha Professor
Vladimir Chernyak Professor
Christine S. Chow Professor
David Crich Schaap Professor of Organic Chemistry
Andrew Feig Professor Associate Dean, Graduate School
Stanislav Groysman Associate Professor
Tamara L. Hendrickson Associate Professor
Jeremy Kodanko Associate Chair Associate Professor
Wen Li Associate Professor
Thomas Linz Assistant Professor
Long Luo Assistant Professor
Andrea Matti Senior Lecturer
Barbara Munk Senior Lecturer
Mary Kay Pflum Professor
Colin Poole Professor
Federico Rabuffetti Assistant Professor
James H. Rigby Professor
Mary T. Rodgers Professor
Louis Romano Professor
Aaron S. Rury Assistant Professor
John Santalucia Professor
Jennifer L. Stockdill Assistant Professor
Sarah Trimpin Professor
Claudio N. Verani Professor Associate Dean for Research, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Charles H. Winter Professor
Regina Zibuck Associate Professor Research and Director of Undergraduate Studies


John F. Endicott Professor Emeritus
Carl Johnson Professor Emeritus
Richard L. Lintvedt Professor Emeritus
David Rorabacher Professor Emeritus


Erin Bachert Academic Services Officer
Jacqueline Baldyga Facility Coordinator I
Johnna Birbeck Senior Research Scientist
Yurii Danyliuk Lab Manager (Mass Spectrometry) Research Associate
Olena Danylyuk Manager, Mass Spectrometry Lab, Lumigen Instrument Center
Mary Iverson Director of Social Media
Gregory Kish
Bashar Ksebati Sr. Research scientist Manager, NMR Laboratory
Diane Kudla
Kellie Lauder Administrative Assistant IV
Ida Lewis
Emil Lozanov
Zhi Mei Research Associate EM Lab Manager
Bernadette Miesik Accounting Assistant
Nestor G. Ocampo Systems Administrator
Francine Owczarek
Jason Parizon
Elizabeth Ries
Melissa Rochon Academic Services Officer III Graduate Programs in Chemistry
Lisa Smith Manager, Research Support
Tenecia Smith Office Service Clerk II
Judy Westrick Director, Lumigen Instrument Facility (LIC)