Jordan Skully

Jordan Skully

Graduate Student, BCN
Deans Diversity Fellow





Jordan Skully

Jordan Skully is going into his fourth year as a graduate student in the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience program at Wayne State University. He is apart of the Developmental Psychobiology lab and the psychopharmacology lab, working under Dr. Brummelte, and Dr. Bowen. His current projects focus on the behavioral and neurological effects of Cannabidiol in rodent models. He intends to expand this research to address potential sex differences, and changes in the gut microbiome as a result of CBD consumption. He graduated from Alma college in 2016 earning his Bachelors of Science in Psychology. During his time at Alma he studied the effects of stressors on exacerbation of certain living conditions in rodent models focousing on Parkinson's, alcohol, etc. 


B.S. Psychology, Alma College, 2016

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