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Heather Dillaway Professor of Sociology Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Co-Director of the Bachelors of Science in Public Health Program

Full-time Faculty

Suzanne Baker, PhD, MPH Full-time Lecturer, Public Health
James Janisse, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Eric Kessell Lecturer
Youcheng Liu, M.D., Sc.D., M.P.H Associate Professor
Patricia Morton Assistant Professor of Sociology Affiliate, Institute of Gerontology
Jonathan Stillo Assistant Professor
Leseliey Welch Senior Lecturer, Public Health

Adjunct Faculty

Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed Scholar-in-Residence in Criminal Justice and Public Health

Part-time Faculty

Nina Abubakari
Sahil Bhatia Part-Time Faculty, Public Health
Mary Byrnes Adjunct Faculty
Lauren Fink
Brandie Hagaman Part Time Faculty WCCMH- Program Administrator
Athena Hall
Kathleen Hanlon-Lundberg Graduate Student, Medical Anthropology Adjunct Faculty, Public Health
Ilene Hartman-Abramson Lecturer - Public Health
Alex B. Hill Adjunct Professor
Gwendolyn Norman Part-Time Faculty, Public Health
Zachary Osborn Part-time Faculty
Stephanie Osborn Part-Time Faculty, Public Health
Elizabeth Pare Part-Time Faculty, Public Health Part-Time Faculty, Sociology
Elyse Reamer Part-Time Faculty, Public Health
Indrakshi Roy Part time faculty PhD student and Post doctoral fellow


Ranae Hamama Academic Advisor II
Margaret MacKeverican Academic Advisor II


Meresa McKesson Practicum and Community Engagement Coordinator

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Michael Henson
Dina Tallman Graduate Teaching Assistant PhD Candidate