Paul Toro

Paul Toro

Director, Research Group on Homelessness and Poverty


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Paul Toro



 Paul A. Toro is Professor of Psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit. He and his Research Group on Homelessness and Poverty have conducted a wide range of studies on homelessness over the past 30 years, including studies on homeless adults, families, and youth. His studies have compared homeless to matched housed samples, evaluated interventions, provided careful assessment of mental disorders and substance abuse, collected data across nations, assessed public opinion, analyzed media and professional coverage, and followed large homeless samples in longitudinal designs. Since its inception, Dr. Toro has been a member of the Research Council of the National Alliance to End Homelessness.


Ph.D. in Clinical/Community Psychology, University of Rochester, 1983 ; Social and Developmental Psychology Minors

Selected publications

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