Sarah Raz

Sarah Raz

Associate Professor


71 E. Ferry
Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute


Sarah Raz

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

My area of research is developmental neuropsychology.  I focus on adverse events occurring during pregnancy, delivery and the newborn period on the cognitive, language, memory, and motor functioning of preterm-born children.  Through the study of the influence of birth asphyxia, intrauterine growth restriction, neonatal respiratory dysfunction, brain bleeds, multiple birth and other complications of preterm birth we gain knowledge about brain vulnerability and resilience during early development.


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Texas at Austin, 1988

Selected publications

  • Raz, S., DeBastos, A., Bapp Newman, J., & Batton, D. (2012). Intrauterine growth and neuropsycholoical performance in very low birth weight preschoolers. Jounrnal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 18, 1-12.
  • Raz, S., Newman, J.B., DeBastos, A.K., Peters, B., & Batton, D. (2014). Postnatal growth and neuropsychological performance in preterm birth preschoolers. Neuropsychology, 28, 188-201.
  • Raz, S., DeBastos, A.K., Newman, J.B., Peters, B.N., Heizter, A., Piercy, J., & Batton, D. (2015). Physical growth in the neonatal intensive-care unit and neuropsychological performance at preschool age in very preterm-born singletons. Journal of International Neuropsychological Society, 21, 126 – 136.
  • Raz, S., Piercy, J.,C., Heitzer, A.M., Peters, B.N., Newman, J.B., DeBastos, A.K., Ofen, N., Batton, B., & Batton, D.G. (2016). Neuropsychological functioning in preterm-born twins and singletons at preschool age. Journal of the International Neuropsychological society, 22, 1-13.
  • Yu, Q., Daugherty, A.M., Anderson, D.M., Nishimura, M., Brush, D., Hardwick, A., Lacey, W. Raz, S., & Ofen, N. Socioeconomic status and hippocampal volume in children and young adults. Developmental Science, in press.

Currently teaching

PSY 7210  Psychologycal Assessment II

Courses taught


PSY 3310 Abnormal Psychology



PSY 7210 Assessment II