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Kenneth Jackson Professor Chair

Full-time Faculty

Robert D. Aguirre Professor of English Senior Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Natalie Bakopoulos Assistant Professor
Ellen Barton Professor, Department of English Professor, Linguistics Program
Ruth Boeder Lecturer
Sarika Chandra Associate Professor
Simone Chess Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies; Associate Professor Affiliate of the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program (GSW)
Walter Edwards
Ryan Flaherty Full-time Lecturer
Jonathan Flatley Professor
Hilary Fox Assistant Professor
Jaime Goodrich Associate Professor
Jared Grogan Senior Lecturer
Jerry Herron, Ph. D. Founding Dean, Irvin D. Reid Honors College Professor of English
Donovan Hohn
renée c. hoogland Professor Editor of Criticism, and Senior Editor in Chief of MacMillan Handbooks: Gender
Adrienne Jankens Senior Lecturer
Margaret Jordan
Chera Kee Associate Professor
Amy Latawiec Lecturer
John Patrick Leary Associate Professor of English
M.L. Liebler Senior Lecturer
Richard Marback Professor of English Research Fellow Center for the Study of Citizenship
Lisa Maruca Associate Professor Associate Chair
Caroline Maun Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies
Ljiljana Progovac Professor of Linguistics
Jeff Pruchnic Associate Professor Director of Composition
Frances Ranney Associate Professor
John Reed
Donnie Johnson Sackey Assistant Professor Senior Researcher, Detroit Integrated Vision for Environmental Research through Science and Engagement (D•VERSE)
Michael Scrivener Distinguished Professor
Steven Shaviro DeRoy Professor of English
Peter Staroverov Assistant Professor Graduate Advisor, Linguistics
Thomas Trimble Senior Lecturer
Leopoldia Tysh
Nicole Varty Lecturer Co-director, Composition Learning Community
Clay Walker Lecturer
Barrett Watten
Lisa Ze Winters Associate Professor, African American Studies and English


Lesley Brill
William Harris
Julie Klein
Arthur Marotti
Geoffrey Nathan Chief Privacy Officer Professor
Ross Pudaloff
Martha Ratliff Professor Emerita
Ruth Ray
Elizabeth Sklar
Anca Vlasopolos
Renata Ruth Wasserman

Part-time Faculty

Jonathan Gillham Part-time Faculty III
Michael Kroll Instructor
David MacGregor Adjunct Instructor


Frances Marlowe
Yashica Newby
Susan Rumps Supervisor, Office Services
Brian Shields
Royanne Smith Academic Services Officer VI Departmental Undergraduate Advisor

Graduate Teaching Assistants