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Vanessa DeGifis Associate Professor and Department Chair

Associate chair(s)

Leonidas Pittos Associate Professor of Teaching in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Associate Chair


Nicole Coleman Associate Professor, German Director of Global Studies

Full-time faculty

Muhammad al-Sharkawi Associate Professor Academic Advisor
Eugenia Casielles Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
Alina Cherry Associate Professor of French
Edith Covensky Associate Professor of Teaching Poet
Raffaele De Benedictis Associate Professor of Italian
Anne E. Duggan Professor of French
Victor Figueroa Professor
Hernan Garcia Associate Professor of Spanish
Silvia Giorgini Director of Italian Language Courses Associate Professor of Teaching
Lisabeth Hock Associate Professor of German Program Director, Junior Year in Munich
Leisa Kauffmann Associate Professor
Saeed Khan Associate Professor of Teaching in Near Eastern Studies Research Fellow, Center for Study of Citizenship
Alina Klin Associate Professor of Teaching in Polish
Christine Knapp Assistant Professor of Teaching and Director of Basic French
Thomas David Kohn Associate Professor Faculty Advisor for Classics
Haiyong Liu Professor Director of the Linguistics Program, Coordinator of Chinese
Rie Masuda Associate Professor of Teaching and Japanese Program Coordinator
Jennifer Sheridan Moss Professor, Latin and Classics
Elena Past Professor of Italian
Cori Peet Assistant Professor of Teaching in German Director of Basic German Language
Luisa Quintero Associate Profesor of Teaching
Marilynn Rashid Associate Professor of Teaching in Spanish
Jose Rico-Ferrer Associate Professor of Spanish
Michele Valerie Ronnick Distinguished Professor
Anne Rothe Associate Professor of German
Maha Saker Associate Professor of Teaching in Arabic Director of Arabic
Dolly Tittle Assistant Professor of Teaching in Spanish
Yunshuang Zhang Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature and Culture

Emeritus faculty

Alfred Cobbs Associate Professor Emeritus of German
Jorgelina Corbatta-Wing Professor Emerita of Latin American Literature and Culture Graduated as an Academic Associate, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute
Michael Giordano Professor Emeritus of French
Donald Haase Professor Emeritus of German
Francisco Higuero Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Louis Kibler
James Michels Assistant Professor of Italian
Aleya Rouchdy
Donald Schurlknight Professor Emeritus of Spanish
May Seikaly Professor Emerita of Arabic
Donald Spinelli Professor Emeritus of French
Guy Stern Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German
Charles Stivale Distinguished Professor Emeritus of French
Kenneth Walters Associate Professor Emeritus of Classics
Margaret Winters Professor Emerita French and Linguistics Former Provost

Part-time faculty

Abdulqadir Abdulkarim Part-Time Faculty Arabic
Samir Al-Mandwee Part-Time Faculty Arabic
Elizabeth Anderson Part-Time Faculty Spanish
Andrew Barrett Part-Time Faculty Classics
Jani Christie Part-Time Faculty Spanish
Jesus Contreras Bazaldua Part-Time Faculty Spanish
Nya Edwards Part-time faculty - French
Sara Escobar-Wiercinski Spanish Instructor
Amal Essak Part Time Faculty
Fatima Ferreira Adjunct Faculty Spanish
Elaine Gerber Part-time Instructor Spanish
Carmen Hoyos Spanish Instructor
Aleksandra Ivanovic Spanish Instructor PhD Student
Aoun Jaber Adjunct professor
Timothy Jeruzal
Xue Jiang Part-Time Faculty Chinese
Jeanine Karam Spanish Instructor
Emanuela Marionni Italian Instructor
Maria Marletta Italian Instructor
Raffaella Medoro
Lisa Montes Adjunct faculty
Paula Oliva-Fiori Adjunct Faculty- Spanish
Tareq A. Ramadan Ph.D. Adjunct Professor
Cesar Reyes Adjunct Faculty Spanish
Mayra Schmalzried Spanish Instructor
Tatyana Sherman Russian Instructor
David Smith Adjunct Faculty
Mayumi Suzuki Part Time Faculty Japanese Instructor
Karin Tarpenning Szadyr Adjunct Instructor - French
Eyda Vaughn Instructor
Sharon Wang
Yandan Wang
Yanyu Ward

Academic advisor(s)

Chris Clark Academic Advisor II


Amanda Donigian Administrative Assistant
Teresa Pickering Academic Services Officer II

Graduate students

Andy Jeffrey CLAS Graduate Assistant
Sandra Rodriguez Bontemps
Sandra Russo Graduate Teaching Assistant