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Elizabeth Faue Professor Department Chair

Full-time Faculty

Eric Ash Professor Director of Graduate Studies
John Bukowczyk Professor
Jorge Chinea Associate Professor Academic Director, Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies
Jose Cuello Associate Professor
Liette Gidlow Associate Professor
Jennifer Hart Associate Professor
Hans Hummer Professor
Paul V. Kershaw Visiting Assistant Professor
Marc Kruman Professor Director, Center for the Study of Citizenship
Janine Lanza Associate Professor Director, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Program
Osumaka Likaka Associate Professor
Elizabeth Lublin Associate Professor Director of Undergraduate Studies
Howard Lupovitch Associate Professor Director, Cohn-Haddow Center for Judaic Studies
Bill Lynch Associate Professor
Karen Marrero Assistant Professor
Tracy Neumann Associate Professor Director of Public History and Internships
Andrew Port Professor Editor-in-chief, Central European History
Aaron Retish Associate Professor
Marsha Richmond Professor
Sylvia Taschka Senior Lecturer
Sandra VanBurkleo Professor
Kidada E. Williams Associate Professor

Part-time Faculty

Thomas Anderson Part-Time Faculty
Frank Booth Part-Time Faculty
David DeSilvio Part-Time Faculty
William Elster Part-Time Faculty
Lynda Litogot Part-Time Faculty
Jeffrey Powell Part-Time Faculty
Errin Stegich Part-Time Faculty
Maria Wendeln Part-Time Faculty


Gayle McCreedy Academic Advisor II
Marilyn Vaughan

Ph.D. Students

Leon Bates Doctoral Student
Katie Chaka Parks Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Elizabeth Chamberlain Doctoral Student
Christine Cook Doctoral Student History Graduate Students' Association (HGSA) President
Thomas Cragg Doctoral Student
Rochelle E. Danquah Pre-Candidacy PhD Student
Kirkland Ellens Doctoral Student
Alex Fleet Doctoral Student
Mitchell Fleischer Doctoral Candidate
Samuel Hogsette Doctoral Student
Nathan Kuehnl Doctoral Student
Mike Lake Graduate Research Assistant
Steve Lyskawa
Michael Marihugh Doctoral Student
Michael Martin
Branden McEuen Doctoral Student
James McQuaid Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miriam Mora Doctoral Candidate
Joshua Morris Doctoral Student
Kevin Nichols Doctoral Student
Erik Noren Doctoral Student
Kimberly Steele Doctoral Candidate
Michael Vollbach Doctoral Student
Amanda Walter Doctoral Candidate
Lillian Wilson Szlaga Doctoral Candidate American Historical Association Career Diversity Fellow