Marjorie Heule

Marjorie Heule

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology

Department of Psychology
Wayne State University
5057 Woodward Ave, Suite 7406
Detroit, Michigan 48202


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Marjorie Heule

Marjorie Heule is a Ph.D. student at Wayne State University. Prior to beggining at WSU, Marjorie obtained her M.S. in Clinical Psychology Research Methods at Fordham University. While completing her master's, Marjorie worked at Columbia Irving Medical Center assisting on research studies investigating the neurodevelopment correlates of chronic pain, such as attachment. Marjorie also worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a clinical research coordinator organizing studies related to the psychosocial factors involved in cancer and its treatment.

These experiences led her to Wayne State where she is working with Dr. Mark Lumley investigating how emotions are related to chronic pain. She is currently working on studies related to anger and pain, abuse history and sexual functioning, and how to differentiate between pain that is brain-based versus bodily-based. As a part of her interest in the mindbody connection, Marjorie was the executive producer of a mini documentary, Changing Your Mind: Chronic Pain and the Brain that premiered in October of 2022. She is passionate about disseminating mind-body research findings in relevant and digestible ways. 

In addition to her work as a doctoral student, Marjorie enjoys spending time with her husband and her dog. She especially loves trying new foods and going for walks around Belle Isle (probably while talking on the phone with one of her four sisters).

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Health psychology, emotions, childhood, chronic pain


  • B.A. in Honors Political Science and French, Calvin University (2017)
  • M.S. in Clinical Research Methods of Psychology, Fordham University (2021)

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