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Victoria Meller Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences

Associate chair(s)

Daniel Kashian Professor and Associate Chair, Biological Sciences

Full-time faculty

Joy Alcedo Associate Professor
Athar Ansari Associate Professor
Robert Arking Professor
Karen Beningo Associate Professor
Martin Crozier Lecturer
Philip Cunningham Associate Vice President of Research
Thomas Dowling Professor
Chuanzhu Fan Associate Professor
Markus Friedrich Professor
Miriam Greenberg Professor
Haidong Gu Associate Professor
Weilong Hao Associate Professor
Penelope Higgs Assistant Professor
Glen Hood Assistant Professor
Donna Kashian Associate Professor
Justin Kenney Assistant Professor
Pei-Chung Lee Assistant Professor
Karen Myhr Assistant Professor (Research)
David Njus Professor
Lori Pile Associate Professor Chair of the Graduate Committee
Marianna Sadagurski Assistant Professor Adjunct Assistant Research Professor (University of Michigan)
Jared Schrader Assistant Professor
Ann Sodja Associate Professor
Christopher Steiner Associate Professor
Robert Thomas Senior Lecturer
Nataliya Turchyn Senior Lecturer
Mark Vanberkum Professor

Emeritus faculty

Part-time faculty


Nora Alhussainy Academic Advisor II
Georgya Anderson Administrative Assistant II
Antoinette Cunningham Academic Advisor III
Ariel Delegol Secretary IV
Justina Encarnacion Front Desk Administrator
Donna Gardner Grant & Contract Administrator
Charles Hogan Laboratory Technician
Kimberly Hunter Academic Advisor IV
David Lindemann System Administrator 1
Rose Mary Priest Graduate Programs
Rebecca Russell Academic Advisor III
Michelle Serreyn Biology Lab Coordinator ASO III
Kaira Talison Administrative Assistant III
Madelyn Tucker Lab Coordinator Academic Services Officer II