Amer Odeh

Amer Odeh

Doctoral Student in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Macabees Building Room 7203

Amer Odeh

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • B.S. Psychology, Wayne State University, 2016

Selected Publications

 Odeh, A., Bruce, T. J., Krenn, D. R., & Ran, S. (2017). A Broader Perspective for Subtle Discrimination Interventions [Peer commentary on "Subtle discrimination in the workplace: A vicious cycle" by K.P. Jones, D.F. Arena, C.L. Nittrouer, N.M. Alonso, & A.P. Lindsey]. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 10(1), 118-123.

Currently Teaching

  • PSY 3993 Laboratory in Experimental Psychology, 2 Credits, Spring/Summer 2018

Courses taught

PSY 3993 Laboratory in Experimental Psychology, 2 Credits, Fall 2017

PSY 3993 Laboratory in Experimental Psychology, 2 Credits, Winter 2018

Incremental Coursework

  • PSY 7160 Psychometrics & Factor Analysis

    PSY 7510 Criterion Development and Performance Evaluation

    PSY 8150 Multivariate Analysis

    PSY 7500 Research Methods: Industrial & Organizational Psychology

    PSY 7150 Qauntiative Methods I: Univariate Statistics

    PSY 7590 Industrial & Organizational Psychology

    PSY 7620 Social Psychology: Research and Theory

    GS 0900 Essential Research Practices: RCR