Sara Escobar-Wiercinski

Sara Escobar-Wiercinski

Spanish Instructor

Sara Escobar-Wiercinski

Sara Escobar-Wiercinski was born in Panama City Panama and lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada since 1993. In 2014 she received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Modern Languages, with a specialization in Spanish and Literary Criticism from Wayne State University.  Her Ph.D. Dissertation: “Subjugated Bodies, Normalized Subjects: Representation of Power in the Panamanian Literature of Roberto Díaz Herrera, Rose Marie Tapia, and Mauro Zúñiga Araúz”   Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Víctor Figueroa.

Dr. Escobar-Wiercinski is the director and founder of the MLC Modern Languages Centre in Windsor, Ontario (2015). She also teaches, since 2007, as an adjunct faculty member at Wayne State University, and University of Windsor. 

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Her area of research has been concentrated on Latin American studies: socio-political issues, focusing on power/knowledge, inequality and violence. 

The secondary area of research and study is in second language education, sociolinguistics, and linguistics. 


  • PhD. Modern Languages -Spanish and Literary Criticism. Wayne State University, Detroit (2014)
  • MA. Spanish Language and Culture. Universidad de Salamanca, Spain (2001)
  • BA. Administration- Universidad Santa María La Antigua (USMA). Panama (1987)

Awards and grants

 Teaching Excellence Nomination for the: "Roslyn and Marvin Schindler Excellence in Teaching Award for Graduate Students” (2014).


Selected publications

Book Review  (2015)    Escobar-Wiercinski, Sara. “Verónique Maisier’s Violence in Caribbean Literature: Stories of Stones and Blood”  CJLACS Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 308-310. United Kingdom: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, 2015. Print.


Selected Conference Proceedings (2013-2014)    

Escobar-Wiercinski, Sara. “Relationship of Power between Prostitute and Procurer, Pimp and Trafficker: The

Ultimate Heroine and the Ultimate Villain in Mauro Zúñiga Araúz’s novel Espejo de miserias.” Society for

the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery: Selected Proceedings of The Image of the Hero III in Literature, Media,

and Society Conference. 267-274. Colorado Springs: Colorado State University- Pueblo, 2014. Print. 


Wiercinski, Sara.  “Scapegoat, Criminal and Hero: The Lives of Young Offenders in Rose Marie Tapia’s Novel Roberto Down the Right Path”. Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery: Selected Proceedings of the Image of the Outsider III in Literature, Media, and Society Conference. 177-183. Colorado Springs: Colorado State University- Pueblo, 2013. Print.  


Textbook (2006)   Escobar-Wiercinski, Sara. Vamos a hablar español: Libro de texto y libro de trabajoFourth Edition.  Canada:  Pearson Custom Publishing ISBN 0-536-17500-4, 2006. Print.

Currently teaching

 SPA 1060 Beginning Spanish 1 & 2 combined (2017)

Courses taught

SPA 3100 Intermediate Grammar Review and Composition 

SPA 2025 Intermediate Spanish II 

SPA 2010 Intermediate Spanish I 

SPA 1060 Beginning Spanish 1 and 2 combined 

SPA 1020 Beginning Spanish II 

SPA 1010 Beginning Spanish I