Aoun Jaber

Aoun Jaber

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Aoun Jaber


Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

 Aoun Jaber is an adjunct professor of Arabic language in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Wayne State University (WSU). A native of Lebanon, Mr. Jaber has been an activist and business owner in the Arab American community. His teaching and community experiences have enriched his ability to communicate in a variety of Arabic regional linguistics and with people from diverse Arab origins and beliefs. He holds two master’s degrees from Wayne State University in bilingual education and Near Eastern studies.



Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  •      EXPERIENCE WITH ARABIC LANGAUGE AND ARAB AMERICAN COMMUNITY ·        Adjunct Professor of Arabic language at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. ·        Member of Access since 1978, and a member of the executive board since 2010 to the present. ·        Teaching culture and Arabic as a second language at the Arab-American National Museum ·        Led an immersion program for professionals, who are planning, to work overseas. ·        Graduate Teaching Assistant at Wayne State University for Beginning, Elementary, and Intermediary Arabic, 2007 – Present. Attendant of how to teach Arabic as a 2nd L’s workshop held at Austin Texas University in the summer of 2007 and organized by the authors of Al-kittab book for 2 weeks.  ·        Editor In Chief (Arabic Language), Forum & Link, 2004-2006 ·        Real Estate and Finance Teacher, Davenport University, 2002 ·        Internship – Bilingual Instruction, Detroit Public Schools, 1983 ·        Teacher – 1971-1978 in Saida Elementary & Secondary School, Said – Lebanon - Instructed 1st Grade to 10th Grade, All Subjects - Instructed 11th Grade to 12th Grade, Subjects: Arabic Language and History.   MEMBERSHIP ·        ACCESS Executive Board Member ·        Arab-American National Museum ·        Arabic-American Chamber of Commerce ·        Bint JeBail Social and Cultural Club, Dearborn, MI

Currently teaching

  •  ARB 2010, ARB1020.

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 ARB2010. ARB1020.