Jose Rico-Ferrer

Jose Rico-Ferrer

Associate Professor of Spanish

313 577 3002

317 Manoogian Hall.

OFFICE HOURS: Wednesdays 1.00 - 4.00 PM.


Curriculum vitae

Jose Rico-Ferrer

A native of Spain, Jose Rico-Ferrer is Associate Professor of Spanish. His main research interests include Early Modern Spanish Literature, Gender Studies, Cinema, and the intersection of Literature and Leisure Studies. Jose teaches a wide range of Spanish courses, from Undergraduate Language courses to Graduate Literature and Culture courses as well as seminars on Early Modern Spanish Literature and Culture.


Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Early Modern Spanish Literature - Medieval Spanish Literature - Gender Studies - Leisure Studies, and Cinema.


Besides his book on Courtesy and 'How to' Treatises of Conduct, Prof. Rico is interested in Leisure Studies, and Film Studies.


Baccalaureate: Universidad de Granada (Spain). Graduate: M.A. Villanova University; Ph.D. Emory University

Awards and grants


Member, Working Group on the Humanities: “Gender Studies in the Early

Modern Period.” 2008/2015.

Member, Working Group on the Humanities: “History of the Book.” 2012/2013.

Member, Working Group on the Humanities: “Fairy Tales.” 2017/2018.    

WSU-Newberry Library Consortium Travel Funds to Chicago (2/22/07 -2/25/07).


For. Lang. Tech. Ctr. 2007 Technology Minigrant, “Podcasts on Spanish Baroque Culture.” WSU.


NEH Seminar on “The Libro de Buen Amor in Cultural Context,” U of    Virginia, VA, June 9- July 11, 2003.


Grant from the Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and United States Universities, September 2002. $1200


Saint Mary’s College Summer Travel Grant. July 30, 2002.


Summer Institute in Spanish and Hispanic-American Archival Sciences, Newberry Library, July 1-26, 2002.


Scholarship for study in Salamanca (Spain), Emory University, June 1997.


Honors in Comprehensive Doctoral Exam, Emory University, April 1997.

Selected publications

Los tratadistas ibéricos de conducta áulica: representación, masculinidad y colaboración auriseculares. Vigo (Spain): Academia del Hispanismo, 2011.


Rico-Ferrer, José A. (2005). “‘El más cortés y bien criado caballero que hay en toda la cortesanía:’ Don Quijote y su imaginaria conexión cortesana.” (1605-2005) Don Quixote Across the Centuries. Ed. John P. Gabriele. Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana, 65-76.


Rico-Ferrer, José A. (2010). “In Earnest and in Jest: Disciplining Masculinity through Narration and Humour in the Spanish Galateo.” The Poetics of Masculinity in Early Modern Italy and Spain. Eds. Jane Tylus & Gerry Milligan. Toronto: CRRS, 2010. 267-291.

Currently teaching

Winter 202a courses:

SPA 4610 Survey of Spanish Literature I.

SPA 6410 Spanish Medieval Literature. Origins to 1500.


Courses taught


1.     Undergraduate:

SPA 1010 Elementary Spanish I, Fall 2012

SPA 3200 Spanish Conversation Fall 2007, Fall 2010, Fall 2014

SPA 3300 Intro. to Study of Hispanic Lit. Fall 2018 

SPA 4610 Introduction to Spanish Lit. I W 2013, W 2014, W 2015, W 2016, W 2017, W 2018, W2019, W2021

SPA 4620 Introduction to Spanish Literature II (1700 to the Present) W 2007


                 2. Undergraduate and Graduate:

SPA 5100 Advanced Composition W 2010, F 2011

SPA 5300 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics W 2008, W 2009, W 2011, F 2020

SPA 5550 Civilization & Culture: Spain F 2008, F 2015, W 2019

SPA 5600 Advanced Spanish Conversation W 2017

SPA 6410 Spanish Medieval Literature W 2011, W 2014, W 2017, W 2021

SPA 6420 Spanish Literature of the Renaissance W 2007, W 2010, F 2012, F 2019

                        SPA 6430 Spanish Literature and Culture of the Baroque W 2008, W2013

SPA 6560 Cervantes F 2008, F 2011, W 2015, F 2018

SPA 6570 La Comedia F 2006, W 2009, W2012, F 2015


2. Graduate

      SPA 8510 Seminar: The Civilizing Politics of Masculinity (and Femininity) in  

      Early Modern Spain Fall 2007

      SPA 8510 Seminar: The New Novel of Courtiers and Rogues Fall 2010

      SPA 8510 Seminar: Disciplining Pleasure: Treatises on Leisure in Early Modern

Spain Fall 2014

SPA 7770 Special Studies: “Subject to Change: Critical Theory from Representation to Gender Studies, and Global Studies.”  W 2016

SPA 8510  Leisure Narratives: Delightful Lessons from Gamblers, Rogues, and Courtesans. F 2017

SPA 8510  Leisure in Early Modern Spain. Recreation, Fiestas, and the Business of Entertainment.