Haiyong Liu

Haiyong Liu

Associate Professor
Co-ordinator of Chinese

(313) 577-9937


 471 Manoogian

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Haiyong Liu

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  •  Chinese syntax, acquisition, and pedagogy


 Chinese classifiers, subjunctive mood, adjectival intensifier, and possession. 

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, UCLA
  • M.A. in Linguistics, Wayne State University

Awards and Grants

  • President’s Research Enhancement Program, Arts and Humanities, $10,000 (2014-2016) Encoding Counterfactuality in Chinese, Syntactically, Wayne State University

    Career Development Chair, $19,000 (2012-2014) Theoretical Linguistics and the Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language, Office of the President, Wayne State University

Selected Publications

(2014) The Second Language Acquisition of Chinese Bare Nouns by English Speakers. In Advances in Chinese as a Second Language: Acquisition and Processing. N. Jiang (Ed.) 142-157. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

(2013) Nonverbal Communication: implications in the Chinese L2 classroom. In Studies and Global Perspectives of Second Language Teaching and Learning. J. W. Schwieter (Ed.) 27-45. Information Age Publi

 (2014) The Ba + Gei Structure and Word Order Change in Mandarin Chinese. Journal of University Language 15-2: 77-114

   (2014) 换生成语法框架下的汉语正反问句的生成 (The Derivation of Mandarin A-not-A Questions in the Framework of Generative Grammar). <<语言学研究>> (Linguistic Research) 15: 42-59

Currently Teaching

  •   Chinese and linguistics courses

Courses taught

 1.      CHI 1005: Intro. To Chinese Language and Culture

2.      CHI 1010: Beginning Chinese I                        

3.      CHI 1020: Beginning Chinese II                      

4.      CHI 2010: Intermediate Chinese I                   

5.      CHI 2020: Intermediate Chinese II     

6.      CHI 3022: Intro. To Chinese Literature          

7.      CHI 3100: Advanced Chinese I

8.      CHI 3200: Advanced Chinese II

9.      CHI 2050: Gateway to Chinese Civilizations              

10.  CHI 3010: Contemporary Chinese Pop Culture

11.  CHI 3990: Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China


2.      Graduate

1.      CHI 5210 / LIN 5220: Introduction to Chinese Linguistics   

2.      CHI/JPN 5220 / LIN 5100: Languages of Asia

3.      CHI 5230 / LIN 5240: Grammar of Chinese

4.      CHI 5300 / LED 5300: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language