Eyda Vaughn

Eyda Vaughn



 331 Manoogian Hall

Eyda Vaughn

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Peninsular and Latin-American Literature.


  • Master Degree of Arts & Romance Language, Wayne State University, 2007 B.A., Wayne State University, 2005
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Wayne State University,2017.

Currently teaching

  •  SPA 1010 (Spanish Introduction)
  • SPA 1020 (Intermediate Spanish)
  • SPA 1010 Asynchronous Course - Winter 2021

Courses taught

 SPA 2025 (Intermediate Spanish II)., SPA 2010 (Intermediate Spanish I), SPA 1020 (Spanish Introduction II), SPA 1010 (Spanish Introduction)

Incremental coursework

  • Online Teaching Better Practices.

Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught

 Online Teaching Certify Instructor

 Online Teaching Better Practices