Tareq Ramadan

Tareq Ramadan

Adjunct Interdisciplinary Professor of Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies

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Tareq Ramadan



Tareq A. Ramadan is an interdisciplinary professor who teaches in both the Department of Anthropology as well as in the Near Eastern Studies Program in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Since 2007, Tareq has worked across four different departments and has taught several different courses in Middle Eastern and Islamic political history, culture, and contemporary Arab and Muslim society as well as courses in anthropology.

Courses taught

Since 2007:

  • NE 2000- Introduction to Islamic Civilization of the Near East
  • NE 2700- (Topics) Islam in America: A History
  • NE 2030/HIS 1800- The Age of Islamic Empires 
  • NE 2040/HIS 1810- The Modern Middle East  
  • NE 3040/HIS 3320- The 20th Century Middle East
  • ANT 2100- Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANT 3200- Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations
  • ANT/NE 3550- Arab Society in Transition