Tareq A. Ramadan

Tareq A. Ramadan

Tareq A. Ramadan, PhD
Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology

Tareq A. Ramadan

Tareq A. Ramadan is an interdisciplinary Middle East Studies professor and researcher who teaches in both the Department of Anthropology as well as in the Near Eastern Studies program in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Since 2007, Tareq has worked across four different departments and has taught nine different courses in Middle Eastern and Islamic political history, culture, and contemporary Arab and Muslim society as well as various courses in Anthropology.

Tareq has traveled across the Middle East over the years and has served as a consultant for various institutions, providing cultural sensitivity training on the Arab World, expert witness testimony in immigration court including work on several Hamama vs. Adducci cases, and advising on matters related to the Middle East to the Institutional Review Board, among other things.

Tareq has also been featured on local radio, in the past, discussing political developments in the Arab World and writes regularly on Middle Eastern-related historical and contemporary issues. 

Tareq received the following degrees from Wayne State University:


Tareq has taught the following courses at Wayne State since 2007:

· NE 2000- Introduction to Islamic Civilization of the Near East

· NE 2700- (Topics) Islam in America: A History

· NE 2030/HIS 1800- The Age of Islamic Empires 

· NE 2040/HIS 1810- The Modern Middle East  

· NE 3040/HIS 3320- The 20th Century Middle East 

· ANT 2100- Introduction to Anthropology

· ANT 3200- Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations

· ANT/NE 3550- Arab Society in Transition

· Foreign Culture (Arab and Islamic Culture)- WSU Center of Academic Excellence in National Security Intelligence Studies/ High School Engineering Training Institute


Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Contemporary Middle East geo-politics and political history (with an emphasis on Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, the G.C.C. states, Israel, Palestine, Yemen, and Egypt)

    Contemporary Arab and Muslim society/ Islam in America


    Islamic Numismatics and Arabic epigraphy







Awards and Grants

    • 2017- Summer Dissertation Fellowship (Wayne State University Graduate School)
    • 2014/15 ACOR-CAORC Fellowship (funded by U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational  and Cultural Affairs) sponsored by the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) through the American Center for Oriental Research 
    • 2014     Graduate Professional Scholarship (Wayne State University Graduate School)
    • 2013     Wayne State University Humanity Center Travel Award
    • 2013     Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship, American Center for Oriental Research
    • 2012     Jennifer C. Groot Fellowship, American Center for Oriental Research (ACOR)
    • 2012     Barbara C. Aswad Award in Cultural Anthropology, Wayne State University                 

Selected Publications

"The Islamic State: Statehood as Geo-Political Objective, Islam as Lexicon for Legitimation." Published April 30, 2016 on U.S. Chaam Media/U.S. Arab Radio (in two parts)

"ISIL, Coins, and the Caliphate: Banking on Idealism"

"Can't We all Get Along? Sunni-Shia Commonalities"  

The Syrian Maelstrom: How Repression, Drought & Climate Change Drove the Civil War

"Jordan and the Administrative Material Culture of the Umayyads" (American Center of Oriental Research,Amman 2016)" 


Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught



“A day in Michigan's only immigration court, where 3 judges decide the fate of thousands” February 08, 2018