Eugenia Casielles

Eugenia Casielles

Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

 303 Manoogian Hall

906 W. Warren Ave

Detroit, MI 48202


Eugenia Casielles

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

 Syntax-Information structure Interface

Spanish Linguistics



  • Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1997.
  • M.A. in Spanish Linguistics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1994.
  • M.Ed. University of Liverpool (UK), 1993.
  • Licenciatura in English Philology, University of Oviedo (Spain), 1988

Selected publications

Casielles, E. (2004). The Syntax-Information Structure Interface: Evidence from Spanish and English. New York: Routledge.

Progovac, L., Paesani, K., Casielles, E. and Barton, E. (2006). (eds.) The Syntax of Nonsententials: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Journal Articles
Casielles, E. (1994). "Aspect and Arbitrary Interpretation." University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers 17, 49-61.

Casielles, E. (1997). "¿Es la Interpretación Arbitraria Realmente Arbitraria?" Revista Española de Lingüística 26.2. Madrid: Gredos, 359-377.

Casielles, E. (2000). "El Tratamiento del Orden de Palabras en Algunas Gramáticas de los siglos XIX y XX." Historiographia Linguistica XXVII: 2/3, 415-436.

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Casielles, E. (2013) “Radical Code-switching in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 90.4, 475-487.

Andruski, J., Casielles, E. and Nathan, G. (2014). “Is bilingual babbling language specific? Some evidence from a case study of Spanish-English dual acquisition.” Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. 17.3, 660-672.

Casielles, E. (2017). “Spanglish: The Hybrid Voice of Latinos in the United States.” Atlantis, Journal of the Spanish Association of Anglo-American Studies 39.2, 147-168.

Casielles, E. (2018). "Gender assignment to Spanish-English mixed DPs: Singleton vs. multiword switches." Spanish in Context 15.3, 392-416.

Book Chapters and Proceedings
Casielles, E. (1996). "On the Misbehavior of Bare Nouns in Spanish." In C. Parodi et al. (eds.) Aspects of Romance Linguistics: Selected Papers from the XXIV Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press, 135-148.

Casielles, E. (1999). “Notes on the Topic-Focus Articulation.” In J. Gutiérrez Rexach and F. Martínez Gil (eds.) Advances in Hispanic Linguistics. Papers from the 2nd Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. Somerville, Mass.: Cascadilla Press, 346-363.

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Casielles, E. (2001). "The Syntax and Semantics of Preverbal Topical Phrases in Spanish." In J. Gutiérrez-Rexach and L. Silva-Villar (eds.) Current Issues in Spanish Syntax and Semantics. Berlin/New York: Mouton DeGruyter, 65-82.

Casielles, E. (2006). “Big questions, small answers.” In Progovac, L. et al. (eds.) The Syntax of Nonsententials: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 117-145.

Casielles, E, Andruski, J., Kim, S., Nathan, G. and Work, R. (2006). “Syntactic and discourse features of subjects in child Spanish: Evidence from Spanish/English bilingual acquisition.” Proceedings of the 30th Boston University Conference on Language Development. Somerville, MA.: Cascadilla Press, 72-83.

Casielles, E. and Progovac, L. (2010). “On Protolinguistic “Fossils”: Subject-Verb vs. Verb-Subject Structures.” In Smith, A.D.M et al. (eds.) The Evolution of Language. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference (EVOLANG8). New Jersey: World Scientific, 66-73.

Casielles, E. (2013). “Some remarks on overt subjects of infinitives in Spanish” In A Life in Language. Estudios en Homenaje al Profesor José Luis González Escribano. Oviedo: Ediciones de la Universidad de Oviedo, 49-72.

Casielles, E. (2015). “La vulnerabilidad del sujeto en el habla infantil: ¿un problema categórico?” In Estudios en Homenaje al Profesor José Antonio Martínez. Oviedo: Ediciones de la Universidad de Oviedo, 215-230


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