Marilynn Rashid

Marilynn Rashid

Senior Lecturer


Marilynn Rashid

Marilynn Rashid teaches basic, intermediate, and advanced Spanish language and composition classes, intermediate literature classes, and the Spanish translation class. Her interests include Comparative Literature and the theory and practice of literary translation.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Spanish Language, Spanish and Spanish American Literature, Comparative Literature, Poetry, Translation


  • M.A., Spanish Language & Literature, Wayne State University, 1980
  • M.A., Comparative Litarature, Wayne State University, 1983

Awards and grants

  •  Excellence in Teaching, College of Liberal Arts, WSU, 1999

    Poetry Awards:

                Judith Pearson Siegel Award for Poetry, WSU English Department, 1993

                Finalist in New Issues Poetry Contest, Western Michigan University, 1997

                Nominated for Pushcart Prize, 2001

                Special Merit Award for Poetry, Comstock Review, 2009

Currently teaching

  • Spanish 3300, Introduction to Cultural and Literary Analysis

    Spanish 2025, Intermediate Grammar Review and Composition 1

    Spanish 3025, Intermediate Grammar Review and Composition 2


Courses taught

The basic course sequence in Spanish: Spanish 1010, 1020, 2010 Spanish 2025 & Spanish 3100 (3025): Intermediate Grammar and Composition I and II; Spanish 5400: Introduction to Professional and Literary Translation Spanish 5100; Advanced Composition;  Spanish 4610: Survey of Spanish Literature I