Sarika Chandra

Sarika Chandra

Associate Professor

Sarika Chandra

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Globalization, Studies, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Critical Theory, Agrarian and Food Politics,

Selected Publications


Dislocalism: The Crisis of Globalization and the Remobilizing of Americanism. The Ohio State University Press, 2011


“From Fictional Capital to Capital as Fiction: Globalization and the Intellectual Convergence of Business and the Humanities.” Cultural Critique, Fall 2010

“Producing a Nationalist Literature in the Age of Globalization: Reading (Im)migration in Julia Alvarez’s How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents.” American Quarterly, September 2008.

"From the Boardroom to Cocktail Parties: “Great” Books, Multiethnic Literature, and the Production of the Professional Managerial Class in the Context of Globalization."   Multiethnic Literature and Canon Debates.  Eds.  Mary Jo Bona and Irma Maini.  SUNY Press, 2006