Joseph V Torok

Joseph V Torok

Associate Professor of Teaching

 5057 Woodward, #10501

Joseph V Torok



I'm from Lansing, Michigan, and have lived in East Lanusng, Ypsilanti, and Detorit, among other places. My first college was Lanisng Community College, where I earned an Associate's Degree in Writing, and where I also worked in the Writing Center and taught reading and writing. I got my Bachelor's Degree from Eastrn Michigan with a major in Geography and minors in Religous Studies and History. I worked in the Writing Center at Eastern Michigan and taught writing there as well in pursuit of my Master's Degree. And I have been teaching writing at Wayne State since 2013, and I'm a PhD student here as well (ABD).

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Digital Rhetoric
  • Bibliometrics 
  • Technical and Professional Wriitng
  • Writing Assessment
  • Open Access Writing and Publishing




M.A. Written Communication

Currently teaching

  • ENG3050 (Winter 2022)


Last Semester: 
  • ENG1020 (Fall 2021)
  • ENG3010 (Fall 2021)
Since 2013 at Wayne State:
  • ENG1010 
  • ENG1020
  • ENG3010
  • ENG3050
  • ENG3085