Nicole Varty

Nicole Varty

Senior Lecturer
Co-director, Composition Learning Community; Chair, Composition Mentoring Committee

9205.4, 5057 Woodward


Nicole Varty

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Rhetoric and Composition


An ecological model of writing, composition pedagogy and curriculum development, knowledge transfer, learning communities, assessment, rhetoric of religion


  • PhD, Rhetoric and Composition [Wayne State University, 2016]

Awards and grants

  • 2015 American Graduate Champion, Detroit Public Television

    2013 Humanities Center Working Group Grant: Composition Learning Communities

    2012 APEX Instructional Excellence Award, Wayne State University APEX Program

Selected publications

“Teacher Researchers as Local Agents of Change: Exploding the Myth of the Bad Teacher.” With Cathy Fleischer, Ellen Daniel, Lisa Eddy, Kris Gedeon, Jessica DeYoung Kander and David Kangas. Language Arts Journal of Michigan. 29.2 (2014).

“How Creating Class Zines Opens Pre-freshmen Writers to Write Confidently and Think Critically about Rhetorical Situations.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan. 25.1 (2009).

“My Perspective: Personal Beliefs Informing and Intersecting with Teaching Practice.” Language Arts Journal of Michigan. 24.2 (2009).

Currently teaching

  • ENG 1020, Introduction to College Writing

    ENG 5795, Topics in Rhetoric and Composition - "Locations of Writing: Writing Ourselves In/Into The City"

Courses taught

APX 0500

ENG 1020

ENG 3010

ENG 5010

ENG 6001