Nicole Guinot Varty

Nicole Guinot Varty

Associate Professor of Teaching
Co-director, Composition Learning Community; Chair, Composition Mentoring Committee

9205.4, 5057 Woodward




Nicole Guinot Varty

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Rhetoric and Composition


An ecological model of writing, composition pedagogy and curriculum development, knowledge transfer, learning communities, assessment, rhetoric of religion


PhD, Rhetoric and Composition [Wayne State University, 2016]

Awards and grants

  •  2022 Academy of Teachers membership

  • 2021 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • 2021 OVPR Arts and Humanities Grant: Anti-Racist Language Practices

  • 2020 Humanities Center Working Group Grant: Linguistic Justice

  • 2019 Assessment Program Grant: Composition Learning Community

  • 2015 American Graduate Champion, Detroit Public Television

  • 2013 Humanities Center Working Group Grant: Composition Learning Communities

  • 2012 APEX Instructional Excellence Award, Wayne State University APEX Program

Selected publications

“The (Missing) Human Part: Listening for Students’ Perceptions of the Value of Peer Mentors.” Learning Communities Research and Practice. 9.1 (2021). Co-authored with Adrienne Jankens, Haley Shier and Michelle Borkosh.

“A Question of Support: Assessing a Composition Learning Community for Student Learning and Academic Success.” Intersection: A Journal at the Intersection of Assessment and Learning. 2.4 (2021).

“Correlating What We Know: A Mixed Methods Study of Reflection and Writing in First-Year Writing Assessment.” Composition Forum. 47 (Fall 2021). Co-authored with Jeff Pruchnic, Ellen Barton, Sarah Primeau, Thomas Trimble and Tanina Foster Moore.

“The Effects of Student-Fashioning and Teacher-Pleasing in the Assessment of First-Year Writing Reflective Essays.” Journal of Writing Assessment. 14.1 (2021). Co-authored with Jeff Pruchnic, Ellen Barton, Thomas Trimble, Sarah Pimeau, Hillary Weiss and Tanina Foster Moore.

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