Aleksandar Popadic

Aleksandar Popadic



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3125 BioSci. Bldg.


Biological Sciences

Aleksandar Popadic

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Insect evolution
  • Evolution of development
  • Genetics
  • Comparative genomics


Insects has radiated and adapted to almost every possible environment world-wide, facilitated by the flexibility of their body plan.  How has the body plan of this most numerous animal group become so malleable and diversified across species? To tackle these issues we employ a highly integrative approach, which combines tools and perspectives from evolution, developmental biology, genomics, and molecular genetics.  Our research endeavors to address a broad range of questions, from the origin of insect wings and body pigmentation to the mechanisms governing the development of pollen basket in honey bees. The characterization of gene networks involved in the processes of morphological determination is not only of fundamental importance (what are the general and species-specific details of animal body development and organ growth?), but also has an increasingly significant practical value in designing novel approaches for insect control and management.


  • 1994: Ph.D. University of Georgia
  • 1995-97: HHMI - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • 1997-99: Alfred P. Sloan/NSF Research Fellow

Awards and grants

  • 2013-14: Fulbright Research Fellowship
  • 2012: President's Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 2006: College of Science Teaching Award
  • 2002: College of Science Teaching Award

Selected publications

  • Liu, J., and Popadic´, A.2017. Early development and diversity ofGryllus appendages.In “Cricket as a Model Organism: Development, Regeneration, and Behavior”, edited by Hadley Horch et al.Springer - Japan.  Pg. 17-30
  • Lemonds, T., Liu, J., and Popadic´, A.2016.  The contribution of the melanin pathway to overall body pigmentation during ontogenesis of Periplaneta americana.Insect Science, 23:513-519
  • *¶Liu, J., Lemonds, T., Marden, J.H., and Popadic´, A.2016.  A pathway analysis of melanin patterning in a hemimetabolous insect.  Genetics, 203:403-413. * Cover article; ¶ Highlighted article
  • Medved, V., Marden, J.H., Fescemyer, H.W., Der, J., Liu, J., Mahfooz, N., and Popadic´, A. 2015. Origin and diversification of wings: insights from a neopteran insect.PNAS, 112(52):15940-45

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