Chuanzhu Fan

Chuanzhu Fan

Associate Professor

313-577-6451 (Office), 313-577-1134 (Lab)

313-577-6891 (fax)


 Biological Science Building 5107


Chuanzhu Fan


Biological Sciences

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  •  molecular evolution, genomics, epigenomics, population genetics/genomics, plant biology


My laboratory investigates genetics and epigenetics underlying the evolution of genes and genomes in plants, especially origination and functionalization of the genomic novelties. Our approach to these problems will be combining our investigations in the model organism Arabidopsis and the critical crop plant species Oryza. By integrating computational and high-throughput experiments based on comparative transcriptomes, DNA methylation manipulation, state-of-the-art phenotyping, our research aims to determine how genetics and epigenomic divergences give rise to phenotypic differentiation for evolutionary novelties, especially the newly evolving genes in recent evolutionary times.


  • Ph.D. 2003. North Carolina State University
  • Post-Doc. 2006. University of Chicago

Selected publications

  1. Xueting Li, Riwen Fei, Zhijing Chen, Chuanzhu Fan, and Xiaomei Sun. 2020. Plant hormones changes and differential expression profiling reveal seed dormancy removal process in double dormant plant-herbaceous peony. PLoS One 15: e0231117.
  2. Xueting Li, Ping Liu, Panpan Yang, Chuanzhu Fan, and Xiaomei Sun. 2018. Characterization of glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase gene and its real-time expression under cold stress in Paeonia lactiflora Pall. PLoS One 13: e0202168.
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  14. Chuanzhu Fan*, Jason Walling*, Jianwei Zhang, Cory Hirsch, Jiming Jiang, and Rod Wing. 2011. Conservation and purifying selection of transcribed genes located in a rice centromere. Plant Cell 23: 2821-2830.

Currently teaching

  • BIO1030 Biology Today

Courses taught

  • BIO3070 Genetics
  • BIO1030 Biology Today
  • BIO5150/7150 Genomics