Glen Hood

Glen Hood

Assistant Professor
Primary appointment: Biological Sciences


3109 Biological Sciences Building

Curriculum vitae



Biological Sciences

Glen Hood

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Evolutionary ecology

  • Adaptation and speciation

  • Multi-trophic interactions

  • Cecidology

  • Phytoscreening


  • B.Sc. in Biology, Texas State University, 2006
  • M.Sc. in Population and Conservation Biology, Texas State Universty, 2009
  • Ph.D. in Biologial Sciences, University of Notre Dame, 2016
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Rice Academy of Fellows, Rice University, 2016-2018
  • Research Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, 2018-2019
  • Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, 2019-present

News mentions

Selected publications

  • Roush AM, Zhang L, Hood GR, Ott J, Egan SP. 2024. Trade-off in dispersal and reproduction between sister species of specialist insect herbivores. Oecologia. In press.
  • Zhang L, Hood GR, Ott JR, Egan SP. 2024. The role of ecology and geography in the evolution of habitat isolation and sexual isolation among sister species of a host-plant-specific insects. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. In press.
    Yee, WL, Milnes JM, Goughnour RB, Bush MR, Hood GR, Feder JL. (2023) Evidence for adaptation of Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae) on large-thorn hawthron, Crataegus macracantha, in Okanogan County, Washington State, USA. (2023) Environmental Entomology 52:455-464
  • McIntyre T, Andaloori L, Hood GR, Feder JL, Hahn DA, Ragland GJ, Toxopeus J. (2023) Cold tolerance and diapause within and across trophic levels: endoparasitic wasps and their fly host have similar phenotypes. Journal of Insect Physiology 146:104501
  • Hood GR. Sequential Speciation and Cascading Divergence. Oxford Bibliographies. Oxford Press. DOI: 10/1093/OBO/9780199941728-0145
  • Ward AKG, Bagley RK, Egan SP, Hood GR, Ott JR, Prior KM, Sheikh SI, Weinersmith KL, Zhang L, Zhang YM, Forbes AA. (2022) Speciation in Neartic oak gall wasps is frequently correlated with changes in host plant, host organ, or both. Evolution 76:1849-1867
  • Ward AKG, Busbee RW, Chen RA, Davis CK, Driscoe AL, Egan SP, Goldberg BAR, Hood GR, Jones D, Kranz AJ, Meadley-Dunphy SA, Milks AK, Ott JR, Prior KM, Sheikh SI, Shzu S, Weinersmith KL, Zhang L, Zhang WM, Forbes AA. (2022) The arthropod associates of 155 North American cynipid oak galls. Zoological Studies 61:e57
  • Santangelo JS, … [Hood GR] … Johnson MTJ. (2022) Global urban environmental change drives adaptation in white clover. Science 375:1275-1281. **One of a team of >280 scientists contributing to the Global Urban Evolution Project (GLUE), aimed at understanding how urbanization effect evolution in a cosmopolitan plant across the globe at 160 cities in 26 countries on 7 continents**
  • Powell THQ, Hood GR, Doellman MM, Deneen PM, Smith JJ, Berlocher SH, Feder JL. (2022) The build-up of population genetic divergence along the speciation continuum during recent adaptive radiation of Rhagoletis flies. Genes 13:275
  • Mattsson MM‡, Hood GR‡^, Yee WL, Doellman MM, Goughnour RB, Driscoe AL, Van Dexter S, Bruzzese DJ, Tait C, Glover MM, Ruedas LA, Feder JL. (2022) Recursive adaptation in action: allochronic isolation and divergence of host-associated populations of Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae) following its recent introduction to the western United States. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 170:48-63. ‡Denotes equal author contribution; ^Corresponding author; **Special issue on host race formation and speciation**
  • Inskeep KA, Doellman MM, Powell THQ, Berlocher SH, Seifert NR, Hood GR, Ragland GJ, Meyers PJ, Feder JL. (2022) Divergent diapause life history timing drive both allochronic speciation and reticulate hybridization in an adaptive radiation of Rhagoletis flies. Molecular Ecology. Online early: doi: 10.1111/mec.15908
  • Hood GR, Jennings JH, Beehler M*, Yew J, Bruzzese DJ, Feder JR, Etges WJ. (2022) Cuticular hydrocarbon variation among Rhagoletis fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae): implications for premating reproductive isolation and ecological speciation. Ecological Entomology. Online early: doi: 10.1111/een.13101
  • McCall MB, Doellman MM, Feder JL, Hood GR, Meyers P, Egan SP, Powell THQ, Glover MM, Tait C, Schuler H, Berlocher SH, Smith JJ, Nosil P, Hahn DA, Ragland GJ. (2022) Genomically correlated trait combinations and antagonistic selection contributing to counterintuitive genetic patterns of adaptive diapause divergence in Rhagoletis flies. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 35:146-163
  • Bruzzese DJ, Schuler H, Wolfe TM, Glover MM, Mastroni J, Doellman MM, Tait C, Yee WL, Rull J, Aluja M, Hood GR, Goughnour R, Nosil P, Feder JL. (2022) Wolbachia-induced cytoplasmic incompatibility couples with non-endosymbiont based reproductive isolation during speciation in cherry-infesting Rhagoletis fruit flies. Molecular Ecology. Online early: doi: 10.1111/mec.16157
  • Hood GR‡, Socrates C*, Rankin K*, Hwang K, Papuga SA‡. (2021) On the phytoscreening potential of insect-induced plant galls. Plant and Soil 467:569-578
  • ‡Denotes equal author contribution and co-corresponding authors
  • Hood GR, Blankinship D*, Doellman MM, Feder JL. (2021) Temporal partitioning promotes parasitoid biodiversity. Biological Reviews 96:1969-1988
  • Zhang L, Hood, GR, Carroo I*, Ott JR, Egan SP. Context-dependent reproductive isolation: Host plant variability drives fitness of hybrid herbivores. American Naturalist 197:732-739
  • Feder JL, Hood GR, Doellman MM, Schuler H, Miller A, Tait C, Glover MM, Meyers PJ. (2021) Speciation, Process of. In: Reference Module in Life Sciences (LIFE). Elsevier Press: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • (Zhang L, Hood GR, Roush AM*, Shzu S*, Comerford MS, Ott JR, Egan SP. (2021) Asymmetric, but opposing reductions in immigrant viability and fecundity promote reproductive isolation among host-associated populations of an insect herbivore. Evolution 75:476-489
  • Doellman MM, St. Jean G, Egan SP, Powell THQ, Hood GR, Schuler H, Bruzese DJ, Glover MM, Smith JJ, Yee W, Goughnour RB, Rull J, Aluja M, Feder JL. (2020) Evidence for spatial clines and mixed geographic modes of speciation for North American cherry-infesting Rhagoletis flies. Ecology and Evolution. 10:12727-12744
  • Weaver AK*, Hood GR, Foster M, Egan SP. (2020) Tradeoff between fecundity and survival generates stabilizing selection on gall size. Ecology and Evolution 10:10207-10218
  • Meyers PJ, Doellman MM, Ragland GJ, Hood GR, Egan SP, Powell THQ, Nosil P, Feder JL. (2020) Can the genomics of ecological speciation be predicted across the divergence continuum from host races to species? A case study in Rhagoletis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 375:20190534
  • Hood GR, Powell THQ, Doellman MM, Sim, SB, Glover M, Yee WL, Goughnour RB, Mattson M, Schwarz D, Feder JL. (2020) Rapid and repeatable host plant shifts drive reproductive isolation following a human-mediated introduction. Evolution 74:156-168
  • Doellman MM‡^, Hood GR‡^, Xu CCY, Gersfeld J, Holmes N, Yee W, Feder JL. (2020) Identifying diagnostic genetic markers for a cryptic invasive agricultural pest: a test case using the apple maggot fly, Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 113:246-256. ^Authors contributed equally
  • Hood GR, Weaver AK*, Comerford MS, Morton PM, Egan SP. (2019) Human-mediated disturbance in multitrophic interactions results in outbreak levels of North America’s most venomous caterpillar. Biology Letters 15:20190407
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  • Tvedte ES, Walden KKO, McElroy KE, Forbes AA, Hood GR, Logsdon Jr JM, Feder JL Robertson HM. (2019) Genome of the parasitoid wasp Diachasma alloeum, an emerging model for ecological speciation and transitions to asexual reproduction. Genome Biology and Evolution 11:2767-2773
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