Nataliya Turchyn

Nataliya Turchyn

Senior Lecturer



Room 3119 at Biological Science Building

Nataliya Turchyn


Biological Sciences


  • Baccalaureate: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI; 2002.
  • Graduate: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI; 2010.
  • Postgraduate (postdoctoral): Wayne State University, Detroit, MI; 2010-2011.

Awards and grants

  • President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2016.



Selected publications

Turchyn, N., Chesebro, J., Hrycaj, S., Couso, J. P., and Popadic, A. 2011. Evolution of nubbin function in hemimetabolous and holometabolous insect appendages. Developmental Biology 357 (1): 83-95.

Mahfooz, N., Turchyn, N., Mihajlovic, M., Hrycaj, S., and Popadic, A. 2007.  Ubx regulates differential enlargement and diversification of insect hind legs. PLoS ONE 2(9): e866. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000866.

Currently teaching

  • BIO 1510: Basic Life Mechanisms
  •  BIO 2600: Introduction to Cell Biology 

Courses taught

BIO 1050: An Introduction to Life

BIO 1500: Basic Life Diversity

BIO 1510: Basic Life Mechanisms

BIO 1510 Honors/BUILD Scholars Laboratory Section

BIO 2600: Introduction to Cell Biology

BIO 2870: Anatomy and Physiology

BIO 3070: Genetics