Christian Bozeman

Christian Bozeman

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Christian Bozeman

Christian is a graduate from Kennesaw State University where they earned their Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Slavic Studies. There, they traveled to Moscow and studied closely the history of the worker movements in Russia and in the United States. Following their graduation, Christian worked closely with the Service Employees International Union, leading a team of personal assistant representatives, furthering their interest in the field of labor. At Wayne, they aim to use their experience at Kennesaw, in Moscow, and in the professional workplace to better understand the American labor movement. Since arriving, they have further focused their work into the history of African American workers in the American labor movement.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Labor History






  • African American History



Christian focuses their research on the history of the American labor movement during the interwar period. Specifically, they investigate the history of African American workers in the labor movement, and the ways in which this marginalized community fought against the overwhelming oppression that stigmatized unions and persecuted African Americans during this period. They are also intrigued by the ways in which different African American labor leaders, journalists, and artists employed various aesthetic techniques to combat this oppression. They intend to investigate aesthetic theory in African American history thoroughly to fully understand the connection between the labor movement and African American art movements.



B.A., Kennesaw State University, 2018

Awards and grants

 Michael D. Patterson Award, 2021

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Fall Term 2023 (future)