Branden Mceuen

Branden Mceuen

Doctoral Candidate

 3074 Faculty/Administration Building

Curriculum vitae

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Branden Mceuen


History Department

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • History of Science, United States History, and History of Eugenics


  • B.A., History, Metropolitan State College, 2014

Awards and grants

  •  Alfred H. Kelly Memorial Research Award, Wayne State University

    Jerome M. Clubb Scholarship, ICPSR Program, University of Michigan

    Joe L. Norris Award, Wayne State University

    Thomas G. Rumble Fellowship, Wayne State University

Selected publications

 "Eugenics and Public Health in Michigan," History of Science Society Annual Conference

"Outpatient Clinics, Psychiatry, and Eugenics in Michigan," Wayne State University Otis-Reider Symposium

"Eugenics and the Pseudoscience Demarcation," History of Science Society Annual Conference Flashtalks


Courses taught

 HIS 1050 - United States History in the Headlines Since 1945