Lesley Lynne Chapel

Lesley Lynne Chapel

PhD Student
Rumble Fellow


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Lesley Lynne Chapel

Lesley is passionate about all types of American history, but she is most fascinated by Southern women's history. She credits her experiences working closely with several talented professors at Oakland University for cultivating her devotion to the discipline. While earning her Master's degree from OU, she specialized in Early America and Cold War America.

Outside of academia, Lesley was an ice dancer for 23 years, during which time she reached the levels of Gold and International. Both of her coaches were students of Ludmila Pakhomova, who, with her partner Alexander Gorshkov, was the first Olympic Champion in ice dancing. A desire to pay homage to the late Pakhomova was one of the driving forces behind Lesley's passion for ice dancing. She is also a judge for the United States Figure Skating Association, and now dedicates all of her officiating to the memory of Alexander Gorshkov. 

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Southern History

  •  Women's History

  • History of Southern Identity

  • Civil War/Reconstruction

  • 19th-Century History

  • Sport History

  •  Environmental (Weather) History


I am interested in 19th-century Southern women's history. My research focuses on domestic violence, marital discord, and the reshaping of the household in the Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction South. 


  • M.A., History, Oakland University, 2011
  • B.A., History, Oakland University, 2005

Awards and grants

  • Thomas C. Rumble University Graduate Fellowship
  • Joe L. Norris Endowed Award, 2022



  •  Michael C. Simo Annual Scholarship in History, 2023

  •  Kruman-Lion Endowed History Graduate Student Award, 2024

  •  Joanne Nicolay Foundation Annual Scholarship in 19th-Century American History, 2024

Courses taught by Lesley Lynne Chapel

Fall Term 2024 (future)

Winter Term 2024

Fall Term 2023