Rochelle Danquah

Rochelle Danquah

Pre-Candidacy PhD Student




History Department


Rochelle Danquah

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Abolition, Antislavery and Atlantic World Slavery

  •  African American Culture, Life and History to 1877

  •  Violence and Resistance to Slavery

  •  The Underground Railroad Movement in the Midwest

  • American Slavery, Christianity, Gender and Race 


  • Ph.D. Student, History - Early American to 1877
  • M.A. Humanities/History
  • B.S. Education
  • State of Michigan Teacher's License

Awards and grants

Bonner  Research Award, 2018

King Chavez Park Fellowship, 2018

Humanities Center Award for Graduate Students, 2018

Next Gen PhD Summer Intership Award, 2018