Nicholas Peraino

Nicholas Peraino

Senior research scientist
Mass spectrometry laboratory manager


043 A. Paul Schaap Chemistry Bldg.

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Nicholas Peraino

Dr. Peraino received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Western Michigan University and Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Oakland University. He brings experience in process modeling, programming, process control, fluid dynamics, mass/energy transfer, data analysis, reaction kinetics, organic synthesis, analytical, and computational chemistry.

His instrumentation focuses are GC/MS, LC/MS, MALDI-IMS, IR, EDX, and polarimetry. Major project classes include: 1) optimization and modeling of the manufacture of large scale chemical process material; 2) optimization, synthesis, and modeling of small scale specialty organic compounds; 3) reaction modeling and kinetics using Gaussian and enzyme interactions using AutoDock; 4) analysis and quantitation of metabolites and toxins in biological, food, and environmental matrixes; 5) excipient alterations due to novel preparative technique; 6) natural product discovery and characterization; 7) histopathological exposomics by MALDI-IMS; 8) protein and protein conjugate identification and characterization; 9) quantitation of enzyme mutation, and 10) targeted metabolomic profiling.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Organic synthesis, reaction kinetics, metabolomics


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering: Life Sciences, Western Michigan University (ABET, EIT), 2009
  • Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences: Health and Environmental Chemistry, Oakland University, 2017

Selected publications

  • “Identification of Novel Microcystins Using High-Resolution MS and MSn with Python Code.” In Environmental Science & Technology, 2022, Baliu-Rodriguez, D., Peraino, N. J., Premathilaka, S. H., Birbeck, J. A., Baliu-Rodriguez, T., Westrick, J. A., & Isailovic, D.
  • “Toward Revealing Microcystin Distribution in Mouse Liver Tissue Using MALDI-MS Imaging.” Toxins, 2021, Kucheriavaia, D., Veličković, D., Peraino, N., Lad, A., Kennedy, D. J., Haller, S. T., Westrick, J. A., & Isailovic, D.
  • “Negative Regulation of Human Hepatic Constitutive Androstane Receptor by Cholesterol Synthesis Inhibition: Role of Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Proteins.” Drug Metabolism and Disposition. American Society for Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, 2021, Cuko, L., Duniec-Dmuchowski, Z., Rondini, E. A., Pant, A., Fallon, J. K., Wilson, E. M., Peraino, N. J., Westrick, J. A., Smith, P. C., & Kocarek, T. A.
  • “Pesticide exposure and adverse health effects associated with farmwork in Northern Thailand.” Journal of Occupational Health, 2021, Forté, C. A., Colacino, J., Polemi, K., Guytingco, A., Peraino, N. J., Jindaphong, S., Kaviya, T., Westrick, J., Neitzel, R., & Nambunmee, K.
  • “Diastereoselective Synthesis of γ‐Lactones through Reaction of Sulfoxonium Ylides, Aldehydes, and Ketenes: Substrate Scope and Mechanistic Studies.” European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2020, Peraino, N. J., Mondal, M., Ho, H., Beuque, A., Viola, E., Gary, M., Wheeler, K. A., & Kerrigan, N. J
  • “Obesity and impaired barrier function after shock,” Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 2020, L. N. Diebel, N. Peraino, J. Westrick, K. Shinki, and D. M. Liberati.
  • “Eliciting Cell Death Using Recombinant IgA Fc‐Folate Antibody Mimetics.” The FASEB Journal, 2020, Turnbull, A., Tepe, G., Mohammed, S., Peraino, N., & Speyer, C.
  • “Microplastic ingestion by quagga mussels, Dreissena bugensis, and its effects on physiological processes.” Environmental Pollution, 2020, Adam F. Pedersen, Kishore Gopalakrishnan, Anna G. Boegehold, Nicholas J. Peraino, Judy A. Westrick, Donna R. Kashian.
  • “Dhb Microcystins Discovered in USA Using an Online Concentration LC–MS/MS Platform.” Toxins, 2019, Birbeck, J.A.; Peraino, N.J.; O’Neill, G.M.; Coady, J.; Westrick, J.A.


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