Nicole Trujillo-Pagan

Nicole Trujillo-Pagan

Associate Professor

2256 FAB (Sociology)

Curriculum vitae


Sociology, Latina/o and Latin American Studies

Nicole Trujillo-Pagan

Nicole Trujillo-Pagan is a qualitative researcher who studies public policy, inequality and social mobility.

She can be contacted for interviews about:

  • Latina/o/xs in Detroit and the United States (Hispanic Heritage Month)
  • Race and Urban Space

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

 Race and Ethnicity


Black Space, White Borders: Crossing in American Detroit

This book project explains how bordering practices (policing, mapping, place-based investing, checkpoints, etc.) produce race and space. It uses Detroit as a case study and draws on a variety of data, including interviews with Latina/o/x youth living in Southwest Detroit.

*Latinx / LatinX are unspecific. I argue gender neutrality reproduces patriarchal dominance in I propose Latina/o/x as an alternative that reflects everyday struggles against sexism and transphobia.


Ph.D. - Sociology (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Selected publications


Under contract. Black Space, White Borders: Crossing in American Detroit. NYU Press.

Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2013. Modern Colonization by Medical Intervention: U.S. Medicine in Puerto Rico. Brill Academic Publishers.


Select Refereed Articles


Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2020. “A State’s Right to Make Race through Local Policy: Hispanics, Immigrants and the Shifting Color Line,” Ethnic and Racial Studies.


Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2019. “Marking Walls and Borders: Latina/o/x Youth, Graffiti and Competing Visions of Community Development,” International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 39, 11/12, pp. 975-994.


Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2019. “Self-Deportation and Forced Choice as Discursive Maneuver: Force and “Voluntary” Migration,” Language, Discourse & Society.


Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2018. "Crossed out by LatinX: Gender neutrality and genderblind sexism," Lat Stud.


Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2018. “A Tale of Four Cities: The Boundaries of Blackness for Ethiopian Immigrants in Washington, D.C., Tel Aviv, Rome and Melbourne,” Social Identities.


Cumberbatch, Prudence and Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2016. “Hashtag Activism and Why #BlackLivesMatter In (and To) the Classroom,” Radical Teacher, 106.


Trujillo-Pagán, Nicole. 2014. “Emphasizing the “Complex” in the “Immigration Industrial Complex,” Critical Sociology, 40, 1, pp. 29-46.



Public Presentations and Scholarship


New Books Network


Scholar-Activist Interviews at:




"Who Gets to Be A Detroiter and Why Do We Care?"
on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson



“No Shock or Awe about ‘Acting’ LatinX”

“Sobremesa” talk show, on Wayne State Student Radio (WAYN). 

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