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Krista Brumley

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Krista Brumley

Krista M. Brumley is associate professor of sociology at Wayne State University. She focuses on gender, work-family, and work organizations in the U.S. and Mexico. Her current research examines how U.S. workplace conditions impact employee work-family conflict, health and well-being, and relationships. She is the principal investigator for a NSF RAPID grant that uses mixed methods (surveys and interviews) to assess how work, family, and health among dual-income couples have changed within the context of COVID-19. Her project on gender and work uses qualitative interviews with women and men who hold managerial and professional positions in the automotive industry to analyze work-family conflict and career advancement. Her research in Mexico centered on analyzing gendered organizational change post-NAFTA.

She has published on these topics in Sociological Spectrum, Gender & Society, Gender, Work and Organizations, the Journal of Family Issues, and the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

She received her PhD in Sociology in 2004 from Tulane University. She also has a Master's of Public Health from Tulane University, and earned her BA in Political Science from SUNY-Oswego.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Gender, Work, Work-Family, Organizations, Qualitative Research, Mexico



  • PhD, Sociology, Tulane University, 2004
  • MA, Sociology, Tulane University, 1998
  • MPH, Tulane University, 1996

Awards and grants

Principal Investigator. (Co-PIs: Shirin Montazer, Katheryn Maguire, and Boris Baltes). National Science Foundation. RAPID: Work, Family, and Social Well-Being among Couples in the Context of COVID-19. Award #2031726. 2020-2021.

Principal Investigator. (Co-PIs: Boris Baltes, Stine Eckert, Tamara Hendrickson, Lars Johnson, Sara Kacin, Shirley Papuga, and Ece Yaprak). National Science Foundation. Wayne State University GEARS: Gender Equity Advances Retention in STEM. 2020-2023..

Career Development Chair Award. 2019.

Humanities Center Fellowship (with Shirin Montazer). 2017. 21st Century Technological Revolution and its Discontents: Work-Family conflict in long distance and proximal relationships.

Humanities Center Fellowship. 2013. Having it All or Stalling Out? Gender, family, and work in the new economy.

Humanities Center Fellowship. 2010. Gendered Discourses: The (re)production of feminine and masculine workers in Mexico.

University Research Grant. 2009. Globalizing Forces and Local Responses.

Women of Wayne. 2009. Globalization Influences on Organizational Culture: Gender Matters.

Selected publications

Montazer, Shirin, Krista M. Brumley, and Katheryn Maguire. 2020. “Overnight work-travel, work-to-family conflict, and psychological distress. The Social Science Journal. DOI: 10.1080/03623319.2020.1756175.

Aboulhassan, Salam, and Krista M. Brumley. 2019. “Carrying the Burden of a Culture: Bargaining with Patriarchy and the Gendered Reputation of Arab American Women.” Journal of Family Issues Vol. 40(5) 637 –661.

Brumley, Krista M. 2018. "'It's more appropriate for men:" Management and worker perceptions of the gendered ideal worker." Sociological Spectrum 38(6):406-421.

Brumley, Krista M. 2018. "Involved Fathers, Ideal Workers? Fathers' work-family experiences in the U.S." Comparative Perspectives in Family Research (Fathers, Childcare, and Work: Cultures, Practices, and Policies) Vol. 12:209-232.

Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “The gendered ideal worker narrative: Professional women’s and men’s work experiences in the new economy at a Mexican company.” Gender & Society 28(6): 799-823.

Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “‘You care for your work; I’ll care for your family:’ Perceptions of managerial behavior at a Mexican company.” Community, Work & Family 17(4)467-485.

Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “Organizational commitment over the gendered life course at a Mexican company.” Sociological Inquiry 84(4):601-625.

Brumley, Krista M. and Jon Shefner. 2014. “Opportunity, context, and action: Understanding the divergent strategies of two Mexican social movement coalitions in a time of tremendous change.” Sociological Spectrum 34:76-98.

Brumley, Krista M. 2014. “‘Now, we have the same rights as men to keep our jobs:’ Gendered perceptions of opportunity and obstacles in a Mexican workplace.” Gender, Work, & Organization 21(3):217-230.

Brumley, Krista M. 2014. ‘It was like a revolution:’ Women’s perceptions of work-family practices at a Mexican multinational corporation.” The Journal of Family Issues 35(6):776-807.

Settle, Braelin and Krista M. Brumley. 2014. "'It's the choices you make that get you there:' Decision making pathways and the choice to be childfree." Michigan Family Review 18:1-22.

Brumley, Krista M. 2013. “From responsible debtors to citizens: Collective identity in the debtors’ movement in Monterrey, Mexico.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 42(2):135-168.

Brumley, Krista M. 2010. “Understanding Mexican NGOs: Goals, strategies, and the local context.” Qualitative Sociology 33:389-414.

Currently teaching

Topics in the Sociology of Sex & Gender, SOC 7800

Courses taught

Topics in Sex and Gender, SOC 7800

Global Social Inequality, SOC 7860

Advanced Social Inequality, SOC 8700

Qualitative Methods, SOC 7260

Advanced Sex/Gender, SOC 8720

Research Methods, SOC 4200

Social Inequality, SOC 2300