Michelle Renee Jacobs

Michelle Renee Jacobs

Assistant Professor


313-577-2735 (fax)



Curriculum vitae

Michelle Renee Jacobs



Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Social inequalities
  •  Race & ethnicity
  •  Indigenous studies
  •  Qualitative methods
  •  Teaching & learning


PhD, Sociology, Kent State University, 2012

Awards and grants

  • Awards

    WSU President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2020)
    WSU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaching Award (2019)

  •  Grants

    "Achieving Engagement and Success for Commuter Students in Engineering” ($998,732.00); Award #1742486 NSF Division of Undergraduate Education (2018-2023). Principle Investigator: Jeffrey Potoff; Co-Principle Investigators: Mohson Ayoobi, Michelle Jacobs, Marcis Jansons

Selected publications

Jacobs, Michelle R. 2022. “The Role of Living Traditions in Decolonizing Indigenous Gender in an Urban Environment.” Sociological Forum 37(1): 177-199.

Jacobs, Michelle R. 2022. “‘You Should Be Proud!’ Native-Themed Mascots and the Cultural Reproduction of White Settler Space.” Sociological Inquiry 92(2): 417-441.

Jacobs, Michelle R. 2019. “Resisting and Reifying Racialization among Urban American Indians.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 42(4): 570-588.
*Scholarly Achievement Award winner, North Central Sociological Society (NCSA), 2022

forthcoming: Jacobs, Michelle R. 2023. Indigenous Memory, Urban Reality: Stories of American Indian Relocation and Reclamation. New York: New York University Press.

Currently teaching

  • SOC 1010, 001: Understanding Human Society, incl. Honors w. Service Learning, 3 credits, fall 2022
  •  SOC 2200, 001: Sociology as Vocation 1, 2 credits, fall 2022
  •  SOC 4010, 001: Sociology as Vocation 2, 1 credit, fall 2022

Courses taught

SOC 1010: Understanding Human Societies, incl. Honors w. Service-Learning
SOC 2200: Sociology as Vocation 1
SOC 2300: Social Inequalities, incl. Honors option
SOC 2300 honors: [special topic] Urban Explorations: Social (In)justice in Detroit
SOC 4010: Sociology as Vocation 2
SOC 4201: Seminar in Race and Ethnicity

SOC 7260: Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 8710: Advanced Seminar: Race/Ethnicity