Siying Guo

Siying Guo

Assistant Professor

3259 Faculty/Administration Building


 Criminology and Criminal Justice

Siying Guo

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Cybercrime

  •  Juvenile Delinquency and Justice

  •  Religion and Crime

  •  Program Evaluation


Ph.D., Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of South Carolina

Selected publications

Guo, S., & Wang, Y. (2024). Investigating predictors of juvenile traditional and/or cyber offense using machine learning by constructing a decision support system. Computers in Human Behavior, 152, 108079.

Guo, S. (2022). Cyberbullying and delinquency in adolescence: the potential mediating effects of social attachment and delinquent peer association. Journal of interpersonal violence, 37(19-20), NP18837-NP18864.

Guo, S. (2021). Developmental patterns of religiosity in relation to criminal trajectories among serious offenders moving from adolescence to young adult. Crime & Delinquency, 67(10), 1614-1644.

Goldstein, N. E., Kreimer, R., Guo, S., Le, T., Cole, L. M., NeMoyer, A., ... & Zhang, F. (2021). Preventing school-based arrest and recidivism through prearrest diversion: Outcomes of the Philadelphia police school diversion program. Law and Human Behavior, 45(2), 165.

Courses taught by Siying Guo

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Winter Term 2024

Fall Term 2023