Ibarre Ibasco Araojo

Ibarre Ibasco Araojo

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Ibarre Ibasco Araojo

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Ibarre Ibasco is a driven graduate student pursuing an MA in Sociology with a focus on neural network modeling, social behavior, and medical sociology (Social Health and Illness) at Wayne State University. With a diverse academic background, including a bachelor's degree in Information Technology (majoring in programming/computer science) and a Bachelor of Science in Education (majoring in secondary education), she has a unique perspective on the intersection of technology, education, and society.
In addition to her academic pursuits, Ibarre has demonstrated her commitment to service through her work as a former student assistant under C&IT Classroom Support and currently as a graduate research assistant under the College of Engineering. She is also a passer of the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers in the Philippines year 2018.
Ibarre's research interests lie at the intersection of sociology and technology, exploring how social dynamics and technological advancements interact with each other. Through her academic and extracurricular pursuits, she is committed to making a positive impact on society and creating a better world for all.
In her free time, Ibarre enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors, and engaging in community service initiatives.





  • BS in Information Technology (Computer Science)
  • BS in Education (Secondary level)

Awards and grants

 Graduate Professional Scholarship Winter 2022
Graduate Research Assistant Fall 2023