Mitchell Gallagher

Mitchell Gallagher

PhD Student
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Faculty Administration Building - Room 2037

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Mitchell Gallagher


 Political Science

Mitchell was born and raised in North Yorkshire, England. A fervent soccer enthusiast, he is proficient in Mandarin, having worked in China for more than six years. His contributions to teaching have also been recognised by the Beijing College of Finance & Commerce with an honorary award. Liverpool John Moores University awarded him a gold WoW certificate in recognition of his support and development of first-year undergraduate students prior to graduation. Mitchell obtained the Sheffield Graduate Award, which was presented to him during his graduate studies at the University of Sheffield.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Sino-US Relations

China's Soft Power in the 21st century


Brexit and British politics  




  • Master of Arts - East Asian Studies (University of Sheffield)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Politics (Liverpool John Moores University)

Awards and grants

  • WoW Certificate - Liverpool John Moores University 

  •  Sheffield Graduate Award

  •  Beijing College of Finance and Commerce - Honourary Award

Currently teaching

PS1010 - American Government - A course covering a broad overview of the American government, including the role of citizens in public policy and policy making as well as the politics and functions of American governmental institutions. Furthermore, the course is designed to equip students with an understanding of the most challenging questions confronting the United States at present, a comprehensive examination of the Constitution and the functions of American national institutions in shaping government response to contemporary issues, as well as why American national institutions operate as they do.

Courses taught

 PS1010 - American Government