Allison Blackmond Laskey

Allison Blackmond Laskey

Allison Blackmond Laskey


My research focuses on racial justice and resilience in urban America, particularly in Detroit, where long-term working class Black and Brown communities carry a legacy of fighting against systemic racism and inequality. My research expands theory and applications in urban policy to promote meaningful community engagement and empowerment, particularly in the sphere of neighborhood planning and real estate development. To this end, my work identifies where and how policy channels shut out marginalized people's voices, and what levers and pressure points might allow self-organized communities to make a transformative change. As a whole, my work elucidates the collective ways working class and poor Black and Brown communities may impose their views to assert control in city making and redevelopment using a diverse array of tactics and strategies.


PhD in Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy from the University of California at Irvine

Selected publications

Laskey, A. B., & Nicholls, W. (2019). Jumping off the ladder: Participation and insurgency in Detroit’s urban planning. Journal of the American Planning Association, 85(3), 348-362.

Laskey, A. B., & Nicholls, W. (2020). Jumping Off the Ladder: Participation and Insurgency in Detroit’s Urban Planning. In Learning from Arnstein’s Ladder (pp. 203-227). Routledge.

Laskey, A. B. (2019). Knowledge, Power, and the Formation of a Detroit Insurgency: Charlevoix Village Association’s Studied Fight Against Racist Displacement. eScholarship, University of California.

Laskey, A.B. (2015). Of Forms and Flow: Movement through Structure in Darkwater’s Composition. CR: The New Centennial Review, 15(2), 107-118.

Flattau, P. E., Lal, B., Laskey, A., & Ford III, J. J. (2009). Portfolio Evaluation of the National Science Foundation's Grants Program on" International Research and Education in Engineering"(IREE). Available from author upon request: EEC Public Drive, eecpub, P:\STPI\STPI_evaluation_IREE_final. pdf.



Other qualifications directly relevant to courses taught

 Courses taught: 

  1. Sustainable Cities
  2. Environmental Planning
  3. Contemporary Issues in Design