Emily Baltes Thompson

Emily Baltes Thompson

Graduate Student, BCN
Graduate Teaching Assistant


5057 Woodward Ave., 7th Fl., Detroit, MI 48202
Office no. 7702

Emily Baltes Thompson



Emily is a graduate student in the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience program. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University where her research investigated the impact of early-life atypical antipsychotic drug application on behavior and neurological development. During her undergraduate career, she acted as a TA for a Biopsychology course. She looks forward to applying her previous teaching experience as a GTA and expanding her understanding of behavior and neuroanatomy as a doctoral student.

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • ¬†Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, Developmental Psychobiology


  • B.S., Psychology, Northern Kentucky University, 2018

Currently teaching

  • ¬†PSY 1010 Intro Psych Lab, Fall 2018