Hua Ou

Hua Ou

Volunteer Assistant Professor

203.5 Rackham Building, 60 Farnsworth Street
Detroit, Michigan 48202, United States

Hua Ou

Research interest(s)/area of expertise


Spatial Hearing

Epidemiology in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Outcome Measures of Cochlear Implants

Awards and grants

2016 Teaching Innovation Grant from Illinois State University ($2500, PI, funded)
2015 ASHA’s Academic-Research Careers (AARC) Award ($5000, PI, funded)
2014 New Faculty Investigator Grant from Illinois State University
($3500, PI, funded)
2009 Etymotic Research Student Grant ($3000, funded)

Selected publications

1. Ou, H. (In preparation). Will the Combination of QuickSIN, PPT and ANL Improve the Accuracy of Predicting Hearing Aid Use Success? American Journal of Audiology.

2. Ou, H., & Bently, L. (In preparation). Using Quick Speech-in-Noise Test Material to Measure Acceptable Noise Level. The Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.

3. Ou, H., & Jaderholm, M. (In preparation). Comparisons of generic prescriptive targets between hearing aid manufacturers and a real-ear analyzer. The Hearing Journal.

4. Ou, H., & Wetmore, M. (Submitted). Developing a Revised Performance-Perceptual Test Using Quick Speech-in-Noise Test Material. American Journal of Audiology.

5. Ou, H., & Willingham, S. (2017). Written Instructions vs. Audiology Service for PSAP Use: Preliminary Data. The Hearing Journal. 70(10):34-37

6. Ou, H., Perreau, A., & Tyler, R. (2017). Development of a Shortened Version of the Spatial Hearing Questionnaire (SHQ-S) for Screening Spatial Hearing Ability. American Journal of Audiology. 26:293-300

7. Ou, H., & Kim, E. (2017). Which Short Version of the Speech, Spatial, and Qualities of Hearing Scale to Choose: SSQ5 or SSQ12? Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Disorders and Treatments.1(1):1-8

8. Skaggs, M., & Ou, H. (2017). Audiology Services for PSAP Users. The Hearing Journal.70:26-28

9. Sawyer, J., Matteson, C., Ou, H., & Nagase, T. (2017). The effects of parent-focused slow relaxed speech intervention on speech rate, response time latency, and fluency in preschool children who stutter. Journal of Speech, Hearing, and Language Research. 60(4):794-809

10. Ou, H., Wen, B., Perreau, A., Kim, E., & Tyler, R. (2016). Validation of the Chinese Translation of the Spatial Hearing Questionnaire and Its Short Form. American Journal of Audiology. 25:25-33

11. Ou, H., Bentler, R.A., & Goodman, S.S. (2015). The Effect on Localization of Frequency-Specific Gain Reduction Schemes When Matched and Mismatched Across Ears. International Journal of Audiology.4:1-9

12. Perreau, A., Ou, H., Tyler, R., & Dunn, C. (2014). Perceived Benefit across Different Cochlear Implant Profiles as Measured with the Spatial Hearing Questionnaire. American Journal of Audiology. 23:374-84

13. Perreau, A., Spejcher, B., Ou, H., & Tyler, R. (2014). The Spatial Hearing Questionnaire: Data from normal hearing individuals. American Journal of Audiology. 23:173-81

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15. Holte, L., Walker, E., Oleson, J., Spratford, M., Moeller, M.P., Roush, P., Ou, H. & Tomblin, J.B. (2012). Factors influencing follow-up to Newborn Hearing Screening for infants who are hard-of-hearing. American Journal of Audiology. 21:163-74

16. Ou, H., Dunn, C. C., Bentler, R. A., & Zhang, X. Y. (2008). Measuring Cochlear Implant Satisfaction in Postlingually Deafened Adults with the SADL inventory. The Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. 19:721-34

17. Ou, H. & Dunn, C.C. (2008). New Methodologies for Determining if Two Cochlear Implants are Necessary.

18. Ou, H., Liang, C. Y., & Jiang, T. (2001). The evaluation and practice of AABR on universal newborn hearing screening (Review). Journal of Audiology and Speech Pathology, 9, Suppl, 59-61

19. Ou. H. & Zhou, X. N (2000). Expression of Glycoconjugate in Human Eustachian Tubes with Otitis Media (Translation from Laryngoscope Vol.10, 1999). Foreign Medical Sciences- Otolaryngology, 24(3), 171-172

Currently teaching

Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation (AUD5420)

Auditory and Vestibular Pathologies (AUD6040)