Shirley Papuga

Shirley Papuga

Associate Professor
AGU Hydrology Section Executive Committee (Secretary)


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Shirley Papuga


Environmental Science and Geology

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

Water; hydrology; ecohydrology; hydrometeorology; urban ecosystems; semiarid ecosystems; green infrastructure; phenology; climate change; global change; sustainability


  • 1998, B.A. Mathematics, Kalamazoo College
  • 2006, Ph.D. Geological Sciences, University of Colorado

Awards and grants

  • 2021 NSF MCA Award - Hydrologic Sciences

  • 2020 NSF ADVANCE Adaptation: Gender Equity Advances Retention in STEM at Wayne State University (WSU GEARS)

  • 2020 ELATES (Executive Leadership in Academic Technology, Engineering, and Science) Fellow

  • 2013 NSF Career Award - Hydrologic Sciences

Selected publications

44. Hood, G.R., Papuga, S.A., Socrates, C., Rankin, K. and K. Hwang. (2021) On the phytoscreening potential of insect‑induced plant galls. Plant and Soil:

42. Dwivedi, R.,  Eastoe, C., Knowles, J.F., Hamann, L.  Meixner. T.  Ferre. P.A. “Ty”, Castro. C..  Wright, W.E., Niu, G.‐Y., Minor, R., Barron‐Gafford,  G.A., Abramson, N., Mitra, B.,   Papuga, S.A.  Stanley, M. and J. Chorover (2021) An improved practical approach for estimating catchment‐scale response functions through wavelet analysis.  Hydrological Processes. n/a(n/a): p. e14082.

41. Chu, H., et al. (2021) Representativeness of Eddy-Covariance flux footprints for areas surrounding AmeriFlux sites. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 301–302: 108350.

40. Pastorello, G., et al. (2020) The FLUXNET2015 dataset and the ONEFlux processing pipeline for eddy covariance data. Scientific Data 7(1): p. 225.

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37. Luketich, A.M.MS, Papuga, S.A., and M.A. Crimmins. (2019) Ecohydrology of urban trees under passive and active irrigation in a semiarid city. PLOS ONE 14, (11), e0224804.

36. Mitra, B., Papuga, S.A., Alexander, M.R., Swetnam, T.L., and N. Abramson, N. (2019) Allometric relationships between primary size measures and sapwood area for six common tree species in snow-dependent ecosystems in the Southwest United States. Journal of Forestry Research, 10.

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32. Sanchez-Mejia, Z. PhD and S.A. Papuga. Empirical modeling of planetary boundary layer dynamics under multiple precipitation scenarios using a two-layer soil moisture approach: an example from a semiarid shrubland, Water Resources Research 53. 2016WR020275.

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Currently teaching

  • EVS - 1500 Introduction to Environmental Science (3 Units; Fall Sessions)
  • GEL - 5360 Hydrology of Natural and Urban Environmentals (4 units; Alternating Winter Sessions)
  • GEL - 5610 Special Topics in Geology (1 unit)I have offered various special topics courses. Keep your eye out for more!Environmental Science in the City (1 unit - Winter 2020)Current Research in Earth and Environmental Science (1 unit - Winter 2019)Professional Skills for Earth and Environmental Scientists (1 unit - Winter 2019)Global Change and the Ecohydrology of Cities (1 unit - Winter 2018)

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GEL/EVS - 3100 Air and Water in Environmental Systems (3 units; Fall Sessions)

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