Charuka Wickramasinghe

Charuka Wickramasinghe

Ph.D. Student
Graduate Teaching Assistant

1258 Faculty Administration Building

Department of Mathematics,

Wayne State University

Charuka Wickramasinghe

Research Interest/Area of Expertise

  • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing; Numerical Methods for PDEs; Finite Element Methods

Education – Degrees, Licenses, Certifications

  • M.A. in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation, Bowling Green State University, 2017
  • M.Sc. Diploma in Industrial Mathematics, PGIS, University of Peradeniya, 2015
  • B.Sc. Special Degree in Mathematics, University of Peradeniya, 2013

Awards and Grants

Selected Publications

  • Nonlinear growth of instability which deforms convection rolls (2014) Postgraduate Institution of Science Research congress, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, ISBN: 978-955-8787-05-2
  • Designing energy tax rate to optimize energy usage in garment factories using game theory (2015) Proceeding of Second Ruhuna International Science and Technology Conference, Faculty of Science, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka, ISSN: 1391-8796
  • Basic Mathematics (2015) Textbook on mathematics for 100 level students at the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka ISBN: 978-955-589-186-8

Currently Teaching

  •  STA 1020, 3 Credits, Winter 2019

Courses taught

  • MAT 1800, 4 Credits, Winter 2018.
  • MAT 1050, 5 Credits, Spring/Summer 2018
  • MAT 1050, 5 Credits, Fall 2018