Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey

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 Room 5300, 5057 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI 

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Michael Harvey

Michael grew up in New Jersey and attended the University of Delaware for his undergraduate studies. At UD, he received an Honor's Degree with Distinction in Psychology (BA). He now works with Dr. Rich Slatcher at Wayne State University studying relationships' impact on health. In his spare time, Michael enjoys watching sports, reading, and playing with dogs. 

Research interest(s)/area of expertise

  • Social and Personality Psychology / Relationships Science

    Health Psychology


Michael contends that the theory of evolution is a meta-theory for psychology. Thus, he uses an evolutionary framework to understand relationship psychology. He is specifically interested in how relationship and affective processes interact to impact health outcomes, interpersonal attraction processes, and intra- and inter-sexual competition. 


  • Honor's Degree with Distinction in Psychology (BA) [University of Delaware, class of 2016]

Currently teaching

  •  PSY 3993 - Writing in APA Format (Winter 2017; 4 credit hours)

  •  PSY 3993 - Writing in APA Format (Fall 2017; 4 credit hours)

Courses taught

 PSY 1010 - Introduction to Psychology (Lab Section; Fall 2016; 3 credit hours)

PSY 3993 - Writing in APA Format (Winter 2017, Summer 2017)

Incremental coursework

  • Introduction to Social Psychology Theories (Fall 2016; 4 credit hours)

    Quantitative Methods I (Fall 2016; 3 credit hours)

    Quantitative Methods II (Winter 2017; 3 credit hours)

    Biobases of Health (Winter 2017; 3 credit hours)

    Research Methods (Winter 2017; 3 credit hours)

  •  Psychology of Close Relationships (Fall 2017; 3 credit hours)

    Multivariate Statistics (Fall 2017; 3 credit hours)